Top selling CBD books on Amazon (2019)

Published Sep 24, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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There is plenty of available information on marijuana growing, products and elements, but despite the growing popularity of CBD, reliable data can be difficult to find. One of the best places to buy just about anything you can think of online is Amazon, and this online vendor’s platform carries a vast selection of CBD books to suit every need. Whether you are just learning about the benefits of CBD in hopes of using it as a treatment, or you find yourself in needs of some tips and tricks for cultivating hemp seeds or making hemp oil, this incredible list of popular CBD books might be just what you have been looking for:

1. CBD by William Steig
Cost: $11
This paperback book contains only the most basic CBD information, which is the reason why it is such a short read, but what you will find on these pages is the most useful information in an easy to browse and refer back to guide for all things CBD.

2. CBD Hemp Oil- How to use CBD oil for pain, anxiety, fibromyalgia and other chronic diseases by Solomon Ternder
Cost: $21
This hemp oil book comes in both paperback and Kindle editions to suit either preference and is geared towards patients and consumers who are interested in self-medicating with all-natural hemp oil to cure or reduce the symptoms of some of the most commonly diagnosed conditions and diseases.

3. CBD- What you need to know by Gregory L Smith
Cost: $21
This paperback was written by none other than Dr Gregory Smith, who authored the bestselling book on medical marijuana, and it seems that his extensive knowledge bases, focuses on both cannabis and hemp oil. Here you will find tips for self-treatment and some personal success stories from over 2 decades of Gregory’s patients who have found comfort with this all-natural medicine.

4. CBD Hemp Oil – Nature’s Secret for a Healthier and Happier Life by Anita G. Guerrero
Cost: $10
If there ever was an ultimate guide for hemp oil, this is it! With over 400 pages dedicated to helping both new and experienced consumers, learn how to rid themselves of any reliance on pharmaceuticals with no more than some hemp seeds and hemp oil. This is one of the few CBD books to offer dosage recommendations as well as other helpful tricks for achieving success on your holistic journey.


5. Healing with CBD- How Cannabidiol can Transform your Health Without the High by Eileen Konieczny and Lauren Wilson
Cost: $20
So far there are 3 editions from this CBD books collection, so make sure to start with the first which is available in either Kindle or paperback for your pleasure. In this mood, Eileen clears up some common misconceptions and stereotypes surrounding help oil, and its benefits while offering motivating words and success stories from fellow consumers and patients who are just like you.

6. The CBD oil Miracle- Manage Pain, improve your Mood, Boost your Brain, and more by Laura Lagano
Cost: $19
This CBD book is written by the Co-founder of Holistic Cannabis Academy, Laura Lagano, who will take you on a journey to uncover some of the more natural benefits of hemp oil, including healing properties. The Kindle and paperback versions are available on Amazon, and this is one of the best CBD books for beginners who are just getting familiar with the concept of using CBD for medicinal purposes.

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