Science: Cannabidiol has potential to be antibiotic-resistant bacteria killer, huge medical news

Published Aug 19, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Is the compound CBD produced from the cannabis plant the superpower needed to fight in the war against resistant superbugs?

CBD is now documented as an effective treatment for certain forms of epilepsy. Cannabis research is providing evidence that cannabidiol or CBD is effective at killing bacteria. Cannabis research has shown that while in a petri dish, bacteria are killed instantly with the addition of CBD. Some of those infections are very serious and include MRSA and staph infection. CBD has proven to act just as effectively as antibiotics at killing bacteria.

That does not mean that you should throw away your prescribed antibiotics. Yes, there is astounding information on the probability that CBD products can duplicate the work of antibiotics, but this is on mice and in poetry dishes.

The limitations of cannabis research for the potential to use CBD as a bacteria killer is an unexplored science realm

Legalization of cannabis has helped to authenticate the use of CBD and the products that contain CBD.  Cannabis research for using CBD as a potential for fighting resistant bacteria is on the frontline, and currently, science is not conclusive on the results. However, there is more evidence to demonstrate that  CBD can kill resistant bacteria

Antibiotic resistance is a massive concern in the health community. Antibiotic-resistant infections are everywhere in hospitals. Privacy curtains dark corners in hospital rooms are breeding grounds for this type of bacteria.


A promising observation of scientific testing has shown that CBD did not provoke antibiotic resistance on the bacteria that was tested. Further cannabis research is needed to confirm some of the scientific promises that CBD seems to offer. Cannabis research is showing promising headway in fighting the global war against the drug-resistant superbugs.

Antibiotic resistance is climbing to dangerously high levels, and cannabis research into the benefits of cannabidiol is promising, which is why scientific studies are currently moving forward, and researchers are excited that CBD and its use for helping to fight infections systematically are promising. Scientists caution that the testing so far has been on animals and in test tubes. Many questions need to be asked, like what is the best delivery method for CBD, or which dose is the correct dosage and is CBD toxic, and these answers can be confirmed through some of this research.

Researchers, although encouraged by the promising results that CBD testing has produced in fighting off the superbug, state that one should use caution when using CBD products for treating infections. As we move forward, and cannabis research shows the advances that this compound produces, scientists are urging that more research is needed. The researchers are warning people not to discard their antibiotics. Using CBD as a fighter against superbugs is still in the research stage. Using CBD as a treatment for infections alone is not the safe and accredited method for treating any infections at present. However, cannabis research involving the benefits of fighting infections is noted as another benefit added to its accomplishments. It is a superbug eradicator that is expected to make leaps and bounds in the field of medical marijuana research.

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