What you should keep in mind about CBD water and other CBD products

Published Jul 23, 2019 12:36 p.m. ET
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When looking to purchase CBD or CBD infused products, is it important to take into consideration how and why these products are stored. There are some things to be considered to ensure the best from products.

Points to consider when making a purchase

• When CBD is exposed to light or oxygen it will become de-stabilized.
• Look for the legitimate CBD water or other CBD products
• CBD products should be sold in opaque bottles.
• Look for dark bottles that warn the consumer to store the container away from light sources and in a cool dark place.

If these are observed, then the products will provide the best health benefits to be gained from the cannabis plant.

Storing CBD water

CBD water cannot be stored on the shelf for weeks or months without the risk of destabilizing the CBD.

The storing of CBD water on the well-lighted grocery shelf for any time will likely render the components as useless in providing health benefits other than rehydrating one's self. Putting a dropper full of CBD into a clear bottle of water is futile in offering health benefits unless perhaps you drink quickly in a dark room. Oxidization is an enemy to cannabinoids, and sometimes the degradants can be toxic.

The human body needs at least 10-25mg to be beneficial to the bodies endocannabinoid system (ECS). That amount is useful for non-medical concerns. The amount of CBD that is infused in water is minuscule, about two milligrams in a famous bottle water brand Love Hemp. Visually two milligrams can fit on the end of a toothpick!

A person who weighs about 120 pounds would need to consume about 554 milligrams of CBD per day to be beneficial to the body.


One must remember that CBD water is not produced to heal ailments or health conditions. Perhaps the best way to look at any benefits that are available from the CBD water may be as a supplement.

When trying to obtain the best health and wellness benefits from the cannabis plant, it is best to consume CBD sublingually. Make sure that your CBD is stored in an opaque bottle and you administer your CBD directly from that opaque container that CBD was purchased in.

Research may indicate that CBD products are beneficial in reducing inflammation and anxiety, with this a variety of cannabis products have become available on the market today, such as oils, capsules and gummies. Taking these are means of consuming your daily CBD limits for a day.

Canada is waiting patiently for the legalization of cannabis edibles, including CBD infused water to hit the shelves. Infusing water with CBD, the non-psychoactive agent in the cannabis plant, is becoming a fast way of marketing cannabis products.

One wonders if this is not more than a money-grabber when you consider the amount of the cannabinoid that is infused in the water.

However, a bottle of the soon to be legal cannabis-infused water accompanied by a strain of marijuana that delivers that dry-mouth effect can be nothing more than delightful and health-conscious. Water is a needed element in our lives, why not increase the benefit by adding CBD to it?

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