Canada surveys for public interest in cannabis health products

Published Mar 17, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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The public has been responding to the Canadian government with input on how they feel about marijuana health products. Over 1,100 responses said that there is some extreme interest in cannabis as a health product. Health Canada listened and is now looking to regulate the use of marijuana in health products and animal-based goods.

As of now, the rules make it so you cannot use cannabis in natural health care products, but with the new regulations, we would have the authorization to say where the cannabis health products can be purchased. A few potential carriers could be natural holistic stores, pharmacies, pet stores, or veterinary clinics, without needing a prescription from a doctor.

Marijuana is and has been of interest in the medical society for very many years. The medicinal properties of cannabis are astounding and have proven to have significant impacts on those that require it for medical support. Whether it is for depression, chronic pain, or epilepsy, there are several studies that show valuable outcomes.

Many people report that cannabis provides the best results they have found concerning the ailment that they are suffering from. Marijuana is not the answer to every illness, but that is true with every kind of drug that has been on the market. Patients always respond differently to medications, including those that have been investigated for their benefits.

In the realm of medicinal cannabis, we need to look at the fact that the patients are reporting relief, and we need to provide the appropriate medications for them, whether that might be allowing for smoking or vaping or some other oral method of consuming CBD. Either way, the patient at hand is truly the only one that can say if it works or not, and it is not up to anyone to assume judgment on patients.


The problem with animals is they do end up with pain issues such as hip problems and or arthritis. When the veterinarian discovers this, they usually will offer narcotics to help with daily activities in hopes of providing some relief. The issue is that animals cannot let us know how they are feeling to tell us if they are receiving the appropriate dosage. The great thing about CBD is that our beloved four-legged friends will not have any side effects. This is exceptionally favourable that seems safer and typically less expensive than opioids.


Health Canada has been looking at cannabis for some time now, which implies that they have an idea of the very beneficial properties that cannabis can provide. With so much public interest in allowing the average store or pet store to sell CBD for its medicinal benefit, it’s bound to happen eventually. We can hardly wait to see the great outcome and for the public to be able to purchase the medicinal products at there own whim without a prescription.

Health Canada

Currently, the rules have prohibited the use of marijuana in veterinary products and any holistic medicine. The newly proposed jurisdictions will allow for the sale of marijuana products to be sold in any store or pharmacy that the province or territory authorizes. This is an outstanding proposal, and we all should be very excited. This may change the way we view medicine and Cannabis.

Health Canada is still in the early stages, and we do not know how this is going to be put out to the public, but it does look like there is going to be a new holistic market opening up very soon. Still, we need to make decisions on things like whether or not trace amounts of THC be allowed in the natural medicines and how they will be marketed to the public.

We must give some credit, as Health Canada is working towards the freedom of our personal choice to use natural medicine.

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