How to Store Weed to Keep it Fresh and Potent

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When you finally get to the point where you are ready to safely pack away your cannabis buds for the season, it can be hard to find the ideal storage solution that will work for your situation. Every grower's needs are slightly different than the next, but there are a few rules that apply no matter what, and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Why proper weed storage is important

A lot of consumers think that storing weed is all about preserving only the shape of the bud, but there is so much more to it than that. While it is most definitely less visually appealing, most of us are going to grind it all up in the end anyway, so that isn’t really what’s most important. Proper weed storage is all about preserving the things you can’t necessarily see by eye.

Some like the delightful terpenes and powerful cannabinoids can significantly influence how it will affect you, how it will taste and smell, and whether or not you can make it through smoking a whole bowl or blunt without a nasty headache from coughing. Though there are certainly some harsher weed strains out there, if you’ve ever had a bad tasting or extraordinarily harsh hit, then chances are it was due to a poor storage choice.

Does weed go bad?

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In some cases, weed can go bad, for example when mold starts growing, or something unsanitary gets poured onto it, but for the most part, it doesn’t really have a point when it turns bad in the same way that food does. Instead, the beneficial components like the cannabinoids THC, CBD and the terpenes begin to degrade in a slow process that over time reduces the quality and effectiveness of the cannabis. After a certain point, it just isn’t going to taste good and won’t be worth the hassle to roll because it won’t get you stoned.

Factors to consider

High temperatures can be just as damaging as any other factors, as the extreme heat will quickly work to evaporate much of the cannabinoids and terpenes. Resulting in a less potent product that is much harsher to smoke.

What about the humidity? What level should you store your weed at? For the connoisseur of the green herb, remember mold will form at humidity levels of 75% or higher, which is not good, my friend. To keep your weed for a very long time trying to main the humidity level between 50 to 65% humidity. Just a note, if you are using a cigar humidor, make sure the setting can be changed to 50%. Most cigar humidors maintain about 70%, be careful and check this out before you ruin your herb.

Direct light exposure is not recommended for any kind of cannabis product, as it works against you in a couple of different ways. The first is through contact because UV rays are strong, and just like they can burn your skin, they can burn your marijuana buds. The second way is by contributing massive amounts of heat. It’s the greenhouse effect in action which can also be harmful to your stash.

Air might seem innocent as it helps you to dry out the buds before you toss them into storage, but it’s a dangerous element for your yield. Too much air in a container will result in a dried-out stash, which will produce a harsher, less enjoyable taste.

How to store weed in a glass

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This type of container helps to keeps out the air, and since air is the enemy for producing harsh, dry, brown marijuana, that is a good thing.  Another bonus that you can get from using glass is that there is no transfer of unwanted flavors. That is why glass is the number one choice for so many people, especially those that want the terpenes to exude their true flavor while keeping your cannabis fresh.

There is one downside to using the glass container, though. If you use clear glass, there is no protection from the light, another enemy of your marijuana. If you use a clear glass container, make sure to store it in a dark cupboard. Keeping your herb stored in a cool, dark place will help to keep it from sweating which can add additional and hazardous moisture, and we do not want the threat of mold development.

Size is an incredibly important thing to consider, so make sure the jar is suitable for the amount of weed that you are storing in it. You do not want a lot of space left in the jar, because that space will trap unwanted excess air, and that small amount of exposure is enough to degrade the cannabinoids.


How to store weed without glass

If you choose not to use a glass vessel, then we highly suggest you look into a metal container. The best type of metal is titanium since there is no flavor changing secretion from this metal. Plastic is one of the least recommended materials because it tends to gather gasses as well. Most plastics are sensitive to light and tend to heat up easily and may allow an unwanted compound to penetrate our weed.

The best way to store weed

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It is great to keep your weed for up to 6 months, and if you decide on this or keeping it any longer then we suggest finding a cool dark place in your basement. Weed can be stored here just like your grandma stored her canned goods.

  1. Start by filling a glass jar around halfway with cannabis buds.

  2. As you fill the jar, toss in a humidity pack, that is 60-65% for good measure.

  3. Burp your weed for 2 weeks to help control the moisture. To do this, you will need to open them up for a few minutes, to let moisture that is trying to escape out.

  4. Take your jars to a cool, dark place and leave them there until you are ready to enjoy their contents.

How long does weed last?

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When cannabis products are stored in the most ideal conditions, they can last for a year or more before the cannabinoids start to break down. Unfortunately, after that point, it is inevitable that your stash will start to lose its potency, as it occurs as a part of the natural aging process. Hence the reason why it’s best to grow no more than you need in one season and to continue cultivation year after year so that you always have some high-quality buds on hand.

Most common mistakes with weed storage

Here, you will find some of the most common and most damaging mistakes that you could make when storing your cannabis.

  • Freezing
  • Filling containers too much
  • Forgetting to burp the jars
  • Adding non-cannabis materials
  • Using a toxic storage container
How to Dry Cure and Store Weed Like A Pro


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