The Grower's Source: A virtual expo for Canadian cultivators

Published Jan 22, 2021 10:00 a.m. ET
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Sponsored by Biofloral & CANNA Canada, The Grower’s Source online virtual event is coming soon to a screen near you, and Canadian growers, in particular, aren’t going to want to miss out on this one! We might not be able to connect and network in person quite like we used to, but thanks to technology, online expos like this one are filling the gaps to help get us through.

Who should attend?

This interactive cannabis event focuses on the networking needs and interests of professional companies, growers, and workers, as well as those who want to get into the cannabis-producing business, but there will be plenty of educational and fun content available for the average, small-time cultivator too!

What to expect from The Grower’s Source Expo

From January 20th to February 6th,The Grower’s Source will offer Canadian cannabis growers and specialty store owners a unique chance to learn about cultivation through local experts, industry pioneers, and other important players in production. Those who attend this virtual event will have access to a wide variety of topics, benefits, interactive tools, and sharing spaces, including:

Conferences – Check out dozens of speakers and panelists who are experts in cannabis cultivation through Grower’s Source Conferences.

Learning Labs – These educational presentations are each 30 minutes long and designed for specific interests, allowing participants to skip over what they don’t want while fully immersing in topics that are most engaging.

Lounges – This is where attendees will find demos and training videos, and so much more offered up by some of the best brands in the industry.

Growth Corners – GC hubs are 4-8-persons virtual discussion groups that cover a wide variety of cannabis production topics.

Networking opportunities – The Grower’s Source Expo offers all different types of interactive experiences that allow cultivators, business owners, and those with an interest in growing to mingle and connect.

People from the industry – Master growers, licensed producers, store owners, and many more who actively work within the cannabis industry will be taking part in this fantastic online event.

Free swag for interactive participants – Organizers will be offering up freebies for participants to earn through simple interactions on the Growth Source platform.

Cultivation speakers


The Grower’s Source Expo is highlighting some of the most successful and inspiring Canadian cannabis production experts in the business with the help of host, brand ambassador, and comedian Olivia Benaroche.

  • Alexandre Gauthier – Master Grower
  • Ari Singer – Sales Manager at DYNOMYCO
  • Coleman Retzlaff – Sales Manager at Quest
  • Dave Iacovelli – Director of Sales at Method 7
  • David Brown – StratCann Services Advisor
  • David Kjolberg – Master Grower, Consultant, and Specialist in cannabis cultivation
  • Douglas Jacobs – Senior Technical Advisor
  • Dylan Coggler – Master Grower
  • Eric Bergeron - Technical and Sales Support at CANNA Canada Corp.
  • Eric Coulombe – Owner and Senior Editor at Garden Culture Magazine
  • Erik Duivenvoorde – Brand Rep at CANNA Canada
  • Gord Nichol – President at North 40 Cannabis
  • Ivan Vander Deen – Regional Sales Manager at The HC Companies
  • James Curran – Independent Cannabis Consultant
  • James Daughter – Master Grower at Laurentian Organic
  • José Dominguez – Sommelier and Product Manager at Neptune Wellness Solutions
  • Max White - VP Business Development and Co-Owner at Aroma Cannabis
  • Meurig Murray - Director of Cultivation at Stewart Farms
  • Monica Maillé - QA/QC Manager at IsaaCann Health Group Inc.
  • Myrna Gillis – CEO and co-founder of Aqualitas
  • Nico Hache – Director of Risk Advisory at Deloitte
  • Patrick Pagé
  • Patrick Scanlon – Head of cultivation and co-founder at CannTx Life Sciences Inc.
  • Peter Shearer – Senior Category Manager at Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS)
  • Pieter Klaassen
  • Tanner Stewart – Co-Founder @ Stewart Farms & Executive producer at The Need To GROW
  • William Fournier – Product Developer at CANNA

Store marketing speakers

These cannabis marketing strategy experts share insider secrets, advice, and more throughout various levels of The Grower’s Source Expo experience.

  • Andrew Durot – Founder at Ecom Experts

  • Grégoire Gervais-Vachon – Chief Analyst at Cyberpublicity

  • Ryveann Elizabeth – Social Media Strategist at Munn & Affiliates

  • Steven Besnard – Sales at CyberPublicity

  • Vincent Rodriguez – Marketing & eCommerce Manager at BioFloral

Cost and how to get involved

Those who want to be part of this will need a working device like a computer or tablet and tickets, and the cost of attending The Grower’s Source Expo will depend on the package you need. Commercial participants can get in on the whole 2-week-long event and everything it has to offer for an affordable $57.50. Non-commercial attendees get an even better deal at an amazing $37.50, and both types of tickets can be purchased online in one easy step by visiting The Grower’s Source Website.

What we miss most about inperson cannabis events


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