What we miss most about in-person cannabis events

Published Jan 19, 2021 01:00 p.m. ET
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It’s been more than a year of this, and we’re all growing tired of this altered state of being. Staying away from people is hard. We thrive on human connections and the bonds we build or break along the way. This is something that even the most introverted souls are craving right now, as we await the end of restrictions, but in the meantime, we’ve got some of the greatest memories to hold onto. It might seem a little bit sad at first to replay precious moments in your head that make you miss what we used to have, but those good times are exactly why we need to all hold in there.

For those of us in the cannabis industry, things are still happening, even without a close watching in-person audience to cheer us on. Still, one of the biggest changes that hit us all hard is the loss of our beloved cannabis events. For now, we’ve got online and virtual shows to take in, thanks to the hard work and dedication of companies, project coordinators, and everyone else in between, but it’s just not the same experience. There are layers to in-person expos and shows, things that the global shut down has temporarily stolen, and today we want to take you back to that, if only for a moment.

1. The people

The people at cannabis events were always one of the very best parts. We’d get to see smiling familiar faces, recognizable names, and eager consumers and business owners scouring the floors for something new and exciting to take in. It’s now been more than a year since most of us have seen that many people come together all in one place, and we really just can’t wait to get back to that.

2. Exciting new products

You can head to a dispensary or online website to browse through some of the latest and greatest cannabis products on the market right now, but those are the same things that everyone gets to see. If you want in on the newest hot pot products that have yet to be released, with a quick view or a taste test, then one of the best places to go is cannabis events.

3. Inspiring new companies

Seeing all of the new businesses hit the streets was an exciting moment, but the novelty of it all can wear off when all of the companies around you look exactly the same. Some of this is due to regulations that hinder progress in the industry, but a lot of it is that they don’t get much exposure. If you want to see the truly unique, stand out business ideas and ventures, the best place to find that is at cannabis events.

4. The evolved cannabis culture

Cannabis culture is something that has changed over time to include people from demographics, many of whom not long ago might not have considered using or advocating for anything related to the plant. There is no place that this is more apparent than at cannabis events, and it’s magical. To see both the young and the old pre- and post-legalization consumers and businesses come together as a family is amazing.

5. Smelling weed everywhere!

There is something about the smell of cannabis that brings about a feeling of ease, as it reminds us of home, and it’s not just the THC. A lingering cloud means that fellow stoners are connecting and openly enjoying this thing that so many of us fought so hard to do. Aside from 420 festivals, there is nowhere else you can find the delicious, comforting, and homey smell of cannabis everywhere you go!

6. Like-minded connections


Cannabis lovers are everywhere these days, but there is nothing like good quality socialization with hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people who feel just like you do about this amazing plant. Whether you’re into CBD, THC, flower, edibles, dabbing, vaping, growing, or business ideas, you’re guaranteed to find someone else at cannabis events who share your vision and that’s special.

7. Interactive demonstrations

With virtual cannabis events, we still have access to recorded and live demonstrations so that we can see first-hand how to do all sorts of related things, and sometimes you can even ask questions, but it simply doesn’t compare to the in-person presentations we used to get at cannabis events. Meeting the experts live and seeing businesses show off their machinery and skills is just better when you can freely interact.

8. The positive vibes

The cannabis industry as a whole is a pretty open, accepting, and loving community and all those who support it seem to hold similar values and perspectives. They’re all incredibly hopeful for what’s to come, and the positivity and excitement can be contagious. It’s like a fog of happiness that helps to drive us towards the things we want to achieve, and it’s thicker at cannabis events than it is anywhere else.

9. Learning about the latest cannabis news

It seems like every day that we hear about some new and exciting cannabis news, be it online, via mobile, or television, but projects that have made it far enough to be announced on the news, are generally already complete. Cannabis events allow us to connect easily with the people who are doing groundbreaking research and design to solve all cannabis woes right now, an invaluable insider's scoop.

10. The goodies

The main drive behind cannabis events is to encourage innovation through connection, which is why there you’ll find so many new and exciting products and ideas. To give showgoers something to remember them by, business owners pull out all of the stops with goodies. Sometimes it might be samples, others it could be a coupon or an insider's price, and it’s on all of the hottest products from the greatest companies you can imagine, conveniently spread out in one place.

Cannabis events are so much more than fun socialization or business deals. They are at the very heart of the industry, and the experience they offer is one that we truly can’t wait to get back to.

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