How to grow marijuana safely around kids

Published Aug 23, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Now that growing a pot plant or two is perfectly legal, there is no longer any reason for parents to fear the idea of having some in the home, as long as they follow a few basic guidelines for safety along the way. Just to be clear, the cannabis plant itself is entirely harmless when consumed in its raw form, but there are still some hazards for both your children and your pot plant to be wary of when growing at home, and we’re going to show you how to avoid them altogether with five simple steps.

1. Opt for safe LED grow lights

As you first learn about how to grow marijuana, it might be tempting to rush out and buy the biggest and baddest grow lights that you can find, but if you’ve got children, the one that you choose should be completely safe to touch, which means going with high powered, but cool to the touch LED grow lights. They will give your cannabis plant everything that it needs, and they won’t get hot, so you won’t have to worry about burns from a purchase that is intended for good.

2. Keep fertilizers and nutrients out of reach

We all know that the average pot plant likes plenty of nutrients, that is, if you want it to thrive and produce the largest harvest possible, but these seemingly innocent ingredients can be toxic to children so they should always be kept out of reach or under lock and key. Even if the bottle claims to be all-natural, you’ll find that most can be irritating if they get on the skin, or if they’re consumed, so do your best to avoid that possibility, and keep them stored away somewhere safe.

3. Avoid using chemical pest treatments whenever possible

For the same reason that you want to avoid leaving fertilizers or nutrients lying around, it’s best to forego any chemical-based pest treatments unless it is absolutely necessary. Instead, opt for more natural options like ladybugs or a soap and water solution, and if all else fails and you’re left with no other choice, then be sure to keep the entire plant out of reach for at least 2 weeks after the application of the last treatment. Cannabis designed pesticides are just as toxic as any other, so they should always be used with care around kids.


4. Never leave any dried plant materials out in the open

As your pot plant grows from a tiny little seedling into a big and beautiful blossoming plant, it poses no risk to children. At this stage, it’s really no different and, in some cases even safer than your average house plant, so they can take it in with gentle touches or careful inspection without any cause for concern. However, after the flowers are dried, some of the THCA is converted into THC, and at this point, it is a product that only adults should handle, so find a safe stash spot for your cured cannabis buds instead of leaving them lying around.

5. Install a small barrier to keep a safe distance and to avoid accidental damage

Anyone who has kids knows that this kind of scientific experiment can be fun and even educational, but it’s still a good idea to put up a barrier between them and your plants whenever possible. This will help to avoid any accidental damage, and it’s as simple as putting up a fence, or if indoors, installing a few small pieces of plexiglass that are easy to peer through, so it’s a worthwhile endeavor that will help to keep everyone and everything safe.

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