Top 5 children’s books about weed

Published Feb 5, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Now that pot is legal, there are parents, teachers, and specialist who are trying to figure out the best way to explain it to children. Just like any other substance like alcohol or tobacco, there is plenty of good reason to educate our youth on the matter, but it’s still a relatively taboo subject, and no one seems quite sure how to do it in a way that is most beneficial.

Some of the best books of all time are very educational, and for parents who enjoy smoking or growing weed, helpful tools like these can make awkward conversations flow more easily. They are a valuable and a rare commodity, but they do in fact exist. It only takes a little bit of digging to come up with some pretty interesting children’s books about pot, and to help you to decide which one might be best for you, we have lined up some of the most successful and popular options below.

1. It’s Just a Plant by Ricardo Cortes

Cost: $21

If you are interested in pushing boundaries and raising kids who are willing to do the same thing, then ‘It’s just a Plant’ is ideal for you. This fantastic children’s book is written by the same author who released ‘Go The F**k to Sleep’, a viral piece in its own right. Each page of this book unravels a complicated aspect of cannabis consumption, from finding your parents toking to morally challenging certain laws that may not always have the best interest of people in mind.

Where to buy: www.amazon.com

2. What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden by Susan Soares

Cost: $33.46

The author of this cannabis book is a long-time pro-pot activist who saw the gap between the need of parents and the resources available to help them, which inspired the creation of this educational masterpiece. ‘What’s Growing in Grandma’s Garden’ is an interesting take from the perspective of a grandmother who uses cannabis for medicinal purposes. Each page is filled with inspiration for child-friendly topics that are beneficial at public school age.

Where to buy: https://barnesandnoble.com

3. Stinky Steve Explains Medical Marijuana by Maggie Volpo

Cost: $29.99


Have your kids ever asked, “what’s that weird smell?” If so, then this children’s book might be an excellent place to start in explaining what’s going on. Though Stinky Steve focuses on the scientific side of cannabis, it also touches on recreational consumption and some of the ways that it can help mom and dad to relax at the end of a long, hard day.

Where to buy: www.abebooks.com

4. If a Peacock Finds a Pot Leaf by Morgan Carman

Cost: $13.06

This kid-friendly tale is based on a peacock character that stumbles across a strange looking leaf before searching for answers about it. He ends up finding all sorts of woodland creatures who take the time to share some moving and real information about cannabis from a medicinal point of view. Though it doesn’t touch on the more mature subjects like discrimination and stereotypes, it can help to create a strong foundation of information to expand on later.

Where to buy:* www.bookdepository.com*

5. The Emperor Wears No Clothes by Jack Herer

Cost: Free

This oldie is a good one and it’s so popular that it’s often referred to as one of the greatest books of all time when it comes to the topic of pot. Though it was never intended specifically for children, it’s fact base can take both you and your kids on a learning-filled adventure about the many uses for both cannabis and hemp plants.
Where to buy: https://jackherer.com

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