Why you may want to try CBD oil for your pet before winter is in full swing

Published Nov 13, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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The warmer weather is more enjoyable for most species, and while we tend to assume that dogs and cats have fur to keep them warm, they are impacted just as much by chilly temperatures. Pets injure themselves slipping on ice, and aged animals experience more issues with things like muscles and joints in the cold.

Animals with arthritis have it the worst, often stiffening up and dealing with chronic inflammation, pain and ultimately a lack of motivation during the coldest months, but they aren’t the only ones that can benefit from a CBD oil treatment. Here we will show you a few of the most common benefits that can be achieved by using CBD oil for pets and close with a few helpful recommendations for beginners.

Improved mood

Since the cold keeps humans indoors much more frequently, the family dog is a lot less likely to get the same amount of exercise in the winter, which can lead to an increase in anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, a loss of appetite, and a shift in mood that may cause them to show aggression or act out in other ways like through chewing or barking.

CBD oil can help to relax your furry companion which is why it is so helpful as a tool for treating anxiety, stress, and other behavioral issues. While there is little research available to back this claim, we know that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system which plays a vital role in mental health. With fewer walks, long-distance vacation-getaways planned, and other events that might have the humans of the house travelling and leaving the critters more stressed; this is a perfect time to begin treatment of CBD oil.

CBD oil for pain

It is no secret that the winter months are more difficult for those with conditions like arthritis which are agitated further in cooler weather, but that’s not the only reason your pet might be in pain this winter. Though pets are excellent at hiding pain, they can get hurt just as often and as much as humans. Smaller dogs are even more susceptible to this problem, with small accidents often leading to life-threatening situations, but larger, older dogs are the ones who suffer in silence the most.

If your pet has a family history of a physical condition such as arthritis, then starting treatment of CBD oil before they show signs of trouble can help to deter it from happening in the first place. Generally, pets do not get this kind of diagnosis until after an injury has occurred, and since CBD oil works as an anti-inflammatory treatment and system regulator, it’s an excellent idea to start it now, before your pet is more susceptible to the condition.

For those with new or old injuries, CBD oil can help by soothing painful inflammation and releasing chemicals within the brain that reduce adverse sensations such as pain. Unfortunately, animals cannot benefit from THC as it is toxic to them, so they will not receive any type of euphoric or mind-altering effects which can also be the side effects of prescribed medications.

Boost in the immune system


The endocannabinoid system is a complex bunch of neurons and receptors that are located primarily in the immune system. These receptors work in conjunction with the immune system as it sends essential signals to the brain that release and regulate the release of chemicals and hormones which can help to control appetite, pain, healing, and more. This minor boost is enough to give your pet a healthier immune system which can help to ward off illness and increase their overall quality of health.

Buy only the best CBD oil for pets

It was mentioned that THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) is toxic to animals, and we cannot stress this enough, as pet owners all around the world have skipped over this essential detail resulting in an unnecessary risk to their pet’s health. THC in any dose is not safe for pets to ingest, so when searching for the best CBD oil to treat them, it is important to be 100% certain of the purity of the product that you choose.

To do this, look for labels and transparency that include testing results from third party specialists that are approved in the industry. Right now, in Canada, CBD oil that is regulated must contain less than 0.3% THC, and many black markets brands tread into unsafe levels that aren’t nearly as consistent. If you want the best CBD oil for pets you might want to check out well-established brands like Pet Wellbeing who are one of the largest CBD pet brands in the market.

How to use CBD oil for pets

Learning how to use CBD for pets is similar to figuring out the ideal combination for humans, which is nearly impossible to do on a large scale. Every person and pet will react differently to the effects of CBD oil. Some with extreme pain and mood swings benefit greatly from microdoses of CBD, while others require a more significant amount for the same level of comfort.

The precise dose is a slow process to obtain, but there are various methods that can be used to give your furry friend their daily supplement of CBD oil. You can drip some onto their favorite foods, give it to them directly via a dropper under the tongue, add it to water, and you can even buy or make CBD treats for your pets to make administering the daily supplement as easy as possible.

It may not be comforting to hear that this isn’t an instant cure, but if you are ready to try CBD oil for your pet, then you might want to check out our guide that can help with dosing, schedules, how to make your own, and so much more.

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