Positive indicators of a long-lasting weed pipe

Published Feb 20, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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If you’ve decided that ordinary rolling papers are more than enough, then you might never find yourself on the market for a brand-new pipe, but most of us eventually yearn for a better-quality experience. Rolling papers, no matter how natural or chemical-free, add unnecessary ingredients to the mixture that ends up in your lungs, and can significantly impact the taste and harshness of a hit.

Glass pipes are often the most recommended material, but no matter which type of pipe you choose, they will all come with both benefits and drawbacks. These minor differences are typically preference-based, but some of them are an issue for every user, and one of the biggest downside to weed pipes is the fact that their quality runs all across the board, with a major portion of those that are affordable not designed with long term use in mind.

Now, obviously, in some circumstances, it’s a ‘get what you pay for’ scenario, and we can’t guarantee that you will find pipes that meet all of your needs for under $10, but they are out there, and unfortunately, some of the most expensive pieces that you see up on display at your local smoke shop aren’t really meant to last through multiple uses. So, the price alone is in no way an indicator of how good pipes may be, or really anything else for that matter.

What you need to do instead is look for easy to spot problems with the device itself. To the untrained eye, most bongs and weed pipes will appear to be the same, but once you know where to start, it is relatively easy to spot single-use pipes. This is especially important to know if you are considering a piece that costs a lot, as any substantial investment calls for diligent research to avoid disappointment.

Things to look for to find long-lasting weed pipes

Following these helpful tips and tricks is not a guarantee that your pipes will last, and that is especially true with glass pipes that are susceptible to breaking, but they might be able to help you to determine which one's are the best choice for you.

1. Materials

A lot of beginner consumers believe that glass pipes will last the longest, but the truth is that if you want an affordable piece that is going to keep up through heavy use, then metal might be the better choice. Another important thing to be on the lookout for is porous materials like wood and bamboo. Though they might look beautiful with some even sporting hand-carved designs, without a metal sleeve insert, there is no way to continuously and safely clean them.

2. Removable bowl


Some pipes, at first glance, looks like they might be useable long term with a rigorous cleaning schedule, but there is a problem with that if you can’t remove the bowl. Most of the ash and resins build up just underneath of the bowl, and so no matter what pipes or their accessories are made of, they should always feature an easy to remove and reinstall bowl. Otherwise, it might not be worth the time and energy that it would take to get them completely clean through continued use.

3. Easy to disassemble pieces

One of the biggest problems, with lower prices, weed accessories and tools like pipes, is that their makers will often put a whole lot of effort into how a piece looks rather than improving upon its functionality. However, if you see visible seams where you can easily take everything apart with minimal effort, then chances are pretty good that it’s a pipe that is meant for multiple uses. This allows you to change out sections as needed, and it exposes the grimiest portions of pipes for easy cleaning.

4. Thickness

With some weed pipes, it can be difficult to judge the thickness, as generally, it is only glass pipes that are openly advertised with this kind of information, but if it passes the first three tests for a long-lasting device, then it should be easy to take a peek from some inside angles to see. No matter what your pipes are made of, the thickness is important because it will add strength and durability long term. This is especially true with glass pipes, as thinner models can’t withstand even the slightest drops.

5. Size

This isn’t always true with weed pipes, but in many cases, the size will certainly contribute to how long it will last for. If you choose something that is too big, bulky, or awkward to hold onto, then you are much more likely to drop it. Unfortunately, every material other than metal will slowly degrade with each and every fall, so it is important to stick with a piece that comes in a comfortable size to hold, use, and pass around to your friends.

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