How using cannabis as a reward can be beneficial long term

Published Apr 15, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Pot smokers have long basked in the glory that is being stoned, and it’s now become quite a prominent stereotype. Most consumers either rarely smoke weed, or they love it so much that they are happily toking away 24 hours a day, or at least, whenever the opportunity arises. Now, that’s certainly not a bad thing, especially if you find that it helps to soothe or medicate issues that you might be facing, but there are other ways to partake while still maintaining plenty of sober hours along the way.

Not only is it possible to do so, but it’s also very likely to be beneficial to make such a choice, which is why today, we want to show you how to use cannabis as a reward, and some of the many different ways that doing so might ultimately have a positive effect on both your mental and physical well-being in the long run. Even if you’re an avid cannabis smoker, you probably don’t know too much about the benefit of moderation when it comes to cannabinoids, but that’s what we’re going to uncover, as we take you on a journey of better understanding the effects of weed.

Is smoking weed every day bad for you?

Whether you are smoking, vaping, or orally ingesting cannabis, there is absolutely no research out there that shows long term consumption is detrimental to one's health, but it can have some adverse effects when it comes to how your body reacts to the most powerful cannabinoids like THC. That’s right, the more frequently you use cannabis, the less likely you are to feel its effects so strongly.

This is what some refer to as a tolerance level, and it moves slowly as you continue to evolve your relationship with marijuana. The more you smoke, the less intense the sensations will feel, and eventually, you will find that you need a whole lot more product to come close to producing the same kind of effects. This never-ending chase can get expensive, and usually results in frustration, as you “chase the dragon.”

The dragon is that incredible feeling that you can probably still remember from the first few times that you got high. For some, it is so intense that it can lull you right off into a deep slumber, or send you into a fit of hysterical laughter that is impossible to control, but it’s rare for this strength to continue if you consume cannabis on a regular basis without any tolerance breaks.

This is especially important for those who are using it to treat uncomfortable symptoms or medical conditions, as relief is essential to make it through everyday life, but there is something that you can do to slow or even stop this dulling effect that seems to plague most cannabis enthusiasts after only a short time of continuous use, and it isn’t that hard to do.

What will happen if you limit your intake?

Small changes can make a massive difference when it comes to weed and derivatives and limiting how much you consume can help by increasing your sensitivity to its presence in your body. Now, this doesn’t mean that you have to quit cold turkey and only indulge on the weekend for release, but it does mean that you should seriously consider smoking less if you miss that insanely intense high.


How to ease the transition for experienced consumers

Unfortunately, not everyone can immediately lower their daily dose, as it is important to maintain a treatment once it’s begun and going without for too long can cause withdrawal symptoms in full-time tokers. That is why it is so important to carefully ease into this transition period with caution and finesse. The best way to start is by looking at the different times throughout a day that you use cannabis and cutting out the least important times.

Sometimes it helps to cut it out during the least stressful times, especially if you use it for relief from anxiety or PTSD symptoms, but for others, that is when they feel that they need the relaxation most, so instead, it might be most effective to choose the least important smoking session of the day, and toss it out as an option. If the first couple of days go smoothly, then you can look at cutting out another day, here and there, until you are down to a suitable level of consumption that you’re happy with.

Excellent reward moments

Another angle that you can take is to choose only celebratory moments to partake, which might leave you for a few or more days without the crutch, but it makes those victory moments that much more special in the end, and that’s a pretty good reason to try it out. That doesn’t mean that you can only toke at parties or during special occasions, but it does mean that you should have your own set of guidelines that have clearly laid out boundaries.

You could decide to only smoke weed at the end of the most stressful days, or to wait until the weekend, or you could pick a challenging time of the day for you to get through, and use that moment as a sort of guide to tell you when it’s a good idea to get high, or when it might be most beneficial to ride it out so that the effects are that much stronger on both the body and the mind.

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