8 helpful tips on how to make your weed last longer

Published Jan 29, 2019 02:47 p.m. ET

There is nothing more annoying than unexpectedly running out of bud midweek and having to wait with an empty jar until payday. We've all been there. Sometimes it's just too easy to smoke more. Trying to burn through less is more challenging.  Here is a short and simple list that will help you to stretch and keep track of what you do have.

Give yourself a daily limit and stick to it- Everyone works within their budget. I set mine for a week at a time and use an inexpensive pill holder to keep it evenly separated. This trick will make you aware of how quickly you are going through it, and give you the ability to dial back accordingly, so you don't end up running out before your next planned pickup.

Buy in larger quantities - Most dispensaries will offer sliding scale type pricing. The general rule is the more you buy, the more you will save, but the most significant discount potential for buying in bulk tends to come when purchasing at least an ounce (28 grams) or more. Buying bulk can give you the ability to save up to 50%, so it's worth looking into if you have room in your budget to buy a bit less frequently. Not only will it save you on the cost of the actual bud, but fewer trips also means less gas/shipping being added to each purchase.

Take advantage of compassion pricing, referral bonuses, and one-time specials- Most dispensaries offer various deals to keep their customers enticed. Some will give a free gram for your birthday. Others will provide a similar deal for each referral you send their way that makes a purchase. A rare few still offer compassion pricing, which is a lower rate for those who can provide a medical license. One-time specials are usually made up of whatever stock isn't moving and is offered at a heavily discounted rate for as long as it lasts. Daily specials tend to be posted well in advance and are easier to plan for.  Unfortunately, none of these offers are standard across dispensaries, so it's always important to ask for details on what is available each time you visit.  

Prioritize- While most stoners love a good old fashioned wake and bake, the majority say they benefit more from having toke in the evening while winding down for the day. Decide what times are most beneficial to you and skip those that are more out of habit.


Ditch the joints-  Maybe not all together, but joints tend to burn through bud faster with the least benefit. Invest in a good one-hitter or a glass pipe with a smaller bowl instead, and you will see a considerable decrease in the rate you are quite literally burning through it. If you are set on keeping the joints rolling, consider using less bud, and adding a little tobacco instead. It's quite a common practice in Europe for folks to use tobacco to stretch their stash. Some even say the nicotine in tobacco can help maximize the effects.

Pre-grind your bud- The best way to visually determine how much you have, and to avoid over packing bowls is to pre-grind your bud. Bud density is incredibly hard to gauge without grinding it. You may have only a tiny bud to start with, but after it’s been run through a grinder, you will have a much better idea of what you have left to work with. In some cases, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much this step can "fluff up" your remaining bud. Pre-ground bud also offers the benefit of more even burning.

Don't be so generous- Most stoners like to share. A large part of pot culture is the social aspect. The old saying, "sharing is caring" comes to mind. While there is nothing better than hitting a bowl with a friend, you may want to reconsider how often you choose to do so. Especially with those who aren't so willing to contribute. Weed can get expensive. If you are struggling to cover your habit, there is nothing wrong with keeping what you do have to yourself.



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