How to roll a cone joint

Published Jul 9, 2019 10:46 a.m. ET
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Smoking marijuana can be an enjoyable way to wind down at the end of the day, but if you don’t know how to roll a joint than you will find yourself relying on fragile, less compact devices like bongs or pipes. Though some people might prefer using glass or metal on the regular, there is nothing more versatile, simple, easy to travel with, or cheaper than a joint. Here, find a step by step guide for how to complete a basic cannabis roll called a cone joint, and some really handy tips and tricks for dressing joints that can take the experience to a whole new level.

You will need

  • 1 weed grinder
  • 1 gram of cannabis
  • 1 filter paper
  • 1 king size marijuana rolling paper (or pre-shaped cone paper)


  1. Shape the joint filter, by folding it back and forth until it forms a shape that resembles the letter M. Once you see it, wrap the paper around the M once or twice, and then Cut the remaining portion off. Pre-roll cone papers will generally come equipped with one already installed, but regular papers will not.
  2. Use a weed grinder to bust apart the cannabis buds, and remove any stems and seeds from the mixture that may puncture the paper, or explode when lit.
  3. Fill the rolling paper with bud grind and place the filter appropriately.
  4. Pack the bud grind down, by rolling the paper between your thumbs and forefingers, but slowly readjust the paper on an angle as you go. If you have a pre-shaped cone, then you only must fill it with weed grind and pack it down using a packing stick.
  5. For those using standard papers, once the opening is wider than the base, a lot of it will be empty, but this can be filled later. Lick and stick the paper and press it into place.
  6. Fill the hollow tip with as much cannabis as you can, by gently packing it into the tube.
  7. Once complete, you can fold at the end of the paper, to keep all the buds from falling out in transit.

How to smoke a cone joint

To burn a cone joint, all that you need are some matches or a lighter. Spark the tip, take a drag off the filtered end, and inhale. It’s that easy.

Tips and tricks to dress it up


Once you have mastered how to roll a joint that is shaped in such a unique way, it might be time to develop your skills even further by using new and exciting additions like those that are listed below.

Marijuana concentrates
CBO, wax, and hash all make excellent additions to any cannabis roll. They will improve the potency and offer a variation of terpenes that you won’t get from smoking one strain alone. These can be added to the inside of a joint along with dry herb or applied to the outside of the rolling paper.

Moon rocks are all the rage right now, and you can recreate this effect yourself using cannabis oil, and kief. Evenly spread some liquid concentrate onto the outside of the joint, and then roll it in a sprinkling of freshly harvested kief. Kief can also be added alongside just dry cannabis to increase the strength without dealing with any of the mess.

Colorful rolling papers
If you are new to smoking marijuana, then you might not even be aware that there are thousands of different rolling papers out there to choose from. Some are flavored, while others are clear like plastic to expose the cannabis grind, or brightly colored to offer a more unique experience.

DIY How to roll the best kief joints


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