DIY- How to roll the best kief joints

Published Jul 2, 2019 09:44 a.m. ET
(including an easy way to make kief) Dmitry Tishchenko

Now that marijuana is legal we are seeing a ton of brand-new products hit the market and the culture in Canada. As more and more people start to feel comfortable with smoking marijuana outside of their basements, they are also revealing some of the more unique techniques they have been working on all these years during prohibition. Though many experienced cannabis consumers already know what kief is, plenty enough have no idea what they are missing. Here we will cover what kief is, how to make it in the easiest ways possible, and how to roll the tastiest joint using a bit of the powdery goodness that naturally falls from marijuana plants in motion.

What is kief?

Kief is a bountiful mixture of the terpenes and THC crystals that cling in the most condensed amounts at the end of the bud flowers. This can easily be collected using one of my two favorite methods.

How to make kief

1. Weed grinder with screen
Investing in a good 4 in 1 weed grinder that will slowly collect the kief for you is the best way, though unfortunately, also the slowest. The amount you can get each day will also depend on how much cannabis you put through it, but it’s still the gentlest way to remove the trichomes and crystals without harming the bud.

2. By hand with a mesh screen
Use the smallest metal mesh screen that you can find, and gently rub the marijuana buds against it. This will release them, but sometimes also removes the greener plant material, so be slow and careful. Unless of course, you don’t want to enjoy smoking the buds afterwards.

Benefits of using kief in a joint

There are two major benefits to using kief in a joint that should be considered. It might seem like s big investment, but the perks are certainly worth it.

1. Increase potency
Since most kief is made up of those beautiful little THC crystals, its potency is significantly higher than the marijuana plant that it was harvest from. That's why adding even a small pinch of kief to a joint can increase its potency by up to 50% depending on how much is added.


2. Maximize flavor
60% to 95% of kief is made up of THC crystals, but the rest is a combination of terpenes and trichomes that will taste and smell just like the plant it came from. Adding some kief to a little bit of marijuana that lacks taste is the perfect way to use up an old stash instead of throwing it out.

How to roll a kief joint using 3 different techniques

1. Kief and tobacco
This method is rarely used, as the tobacco combined with the kief can make for a harsh hit and ruin the natural flavor of the terpenes in the kief. However, some people prefer the additional boost that a bit of nicotine can add to the high. To roll a kief joint using tobacco, simply sprinkle an even amount of shredded tobacco and then sprinkle a nice thick layer of kief. Now you can roll it and smoke it as usual.

2. Kief and cannabis
Kief and cannabis are essentially one in the same, so a small amount of kief can provide you the added benefits of a more potent hit without harming the flavor at all.

3. Moonrockets
Moonrockets are a type of kief joint that use cannabis, kief, and oil to complete the combination. To roll a moon rocket you will begin with an ordinary joint rolled whatever thickness you might prefer, with any type of papers you like. Once a good roll is ready, it can be coated with a thin layer of oil. Be careful not to use too much, or it will affect the way that it burns. Once you are satisfied with the amount of marijuana concentrate, you can spread a nice thin layer of kief on top of a rolling tray. Take the joint and slowly roll it back and forth in the kief pile until it is evenly coated.

What to do with kief



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