10 tips on how to roll the perfect joint

Published Jun 2, 2019 01:35 p.m. ET
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More experienced cannabis consumers might be able to roll as if the skill is second nature, but like any talent, learning how to roll a joint that you are proud of might take a little bit of practice and time. Getting a feel for the bud grind in between your fingers, and the necessary twist required to get the ideal wrap might be frustrating at first, but once you’ve mastered the art, your options are endless for experimenting and creating new pieces of art to smoke pot with. Here, we are going to assume that you are seeking a simple travel joint that will hold up to the journey and offer an excellent experience. Welcome to our top ten tips on how to roll a joint with zig zags.

1. Use dry cannabis

Even if you manage to succeed at a perfect roll, the quality of the marijuana inside can heavily influence how the joint smokes. You don’t want cannabis that is so dry it’s crumbling, but it needs to cure well to stay lit until the very end.

2. Remove all seeds and stems

Stems end up sharp and hard, which is why they are so bad for piercing through rolling papers at the worst times. Cannabis seeds are notorious for exploding, and it only takes one to ruin the flavor and the burning of the joint.

3. Grind your bud using a weed grinder

Some people swear by pulling their cannabis flowers apart by hand, and while we can’t deny that it gets the job done, for the ideal burn and ease with rolling, it helps to have an even grind to work with. This is easiest to achieve with either a coffee grinder or a weed grinder with little to no effort at all.

4. Buy papers that are equipped with a glue strip

More skilled rollers might be able to work magic with glue-less paperers, but for beginners, we recommend learning how to roll a joint with zig zags that come with the handy sticky feature of an easy to apply strip which will help with the most important seal.

5. Do not overfill or underfill a joint

Too much cannabis is going to make a rolling paper burst at the edges, and too little isn’t going to burn slowly or evenly. Try to maintain anywhere from 0.5-1 gram per joint that is rolled with regular zig zag rolling papers.

6. Begin by forming the bud grind with your fingers


A lot of people make the mistake of filling the paper while it sits flat on a table, but the best way to roll a joint is to fill it while holding it open and folded in half between your fingers. It gives a good visual as to how full the paper is and puts your hands in the ideal position to roll downwards to wrap the joint.

7. Do not use too much moisture to seal a joint

The glue strip seems strange since it is not sticky before moisture touches it, but it doesn’t take much for the liquid to seal a joint. If you don’t feel comfortable licking it shut, one single drop of water run along the seam should be more than enough to do the trick.

8. Add extra marijuana concentrates for potency

If it isn’t feeling like going through the motions of rolling a joint is worthwhile anymore, then it might be time to consider adding some marijuana concentrates on enhancing the experience. 0.5 grams or less of any concentrate is more than enough for a boost, without adding so much liquid that it doesn’t want to burn.

9. Get creative

Once you master regular zig zag papers, you might want to move on to other options like flavored, plastic, gold, silver, hemp, tobacco leaf, and many other great options that can help to enhance the experience of smoking a little herb.

10. Never give up

Though it may be frustrating at first, it will always be at least a tiny bit better on your next attempt. That is how we learn and grow, but if it isn’t happening fast enough for you, don’t give up. Consider investing in an easy to use a joint roller instead.

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