How to choose the best filler for THC capsules

Published Jun 6, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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We’ve taken you through the steps required to fill THC capsules, and it’s relatively easy to get started, as all you really need is an activated cannabis product, an encapsulating machine, and some empty capsules that are ready to be filled with whatever your heart desires. The thing is that what you choose as a filling will significantly impact the effects that you can expect, which is why here we’re going to cover the five best filling options and what they have to give.

Things to know before you start

THC capsules are taken orally just like an Advil or Tylenol, and from the mouth, they make their way down to your stomach where they break down and eventually, the cannabinoids like CBD and THC enter the bloodstream through the stomach lining. This is a process that can take up to 2 hours, so the effects are slow to come on, but once they hit, they can last for several hours long, so it is important to carefully select a filling for your THC pills that will suit both your personal needs and tolerance level.

The second and perhaps most important thing to remember as you go along on this journey is that many cannabis products need to be activated before they will have any effect when taken orally. This means that in some situations, you will need to decarboxylate your filling before you add it to the capsules using heat. However, there are a couple of cannabis goods that don’t need anything at all, so this is a good feature to focus on as you go through this list of filling options for THC pills.

1. Ground-up herb – Lighter effects

You’ve likely seen the photos of THC capsules that look to be filled with a bright yellow liquid gold, but you might be surprised to learn that just plain old weed will do the trick as long as it’s been decarboxylated. All you need to do is grind it up, bake it, and then use it to fill empty capsules, and in no time, you can have hundreds of perfect doses of THC that are ready to go.

2. Hash – Medium effects

Cannabis flowers hold onto all of the incredibly powerful elements that we all know and love. The terpenes, the cannabinoids, and those sparkling sticky crystals are the very best part of the plant, and they also happen to be used in the making of hash. This is why this THC pill filler is a bit stronger than buds alone, but it does need to be decarboxylated to activate the cannabinoids within, which means breaking it up and baking it, before pulverizing the hash into a powder that is easy to pour into empty caps.


3. THC oil – Control over strength

THC oil comes in a few different forms, but in this case, we're talking about the delicious cannabis-infused cooking oils like olive or coconut. The benefits of using THC oil is that it’s more potent than the other options we’ve listed so far if you want it to be and that it comes pre-activated, as the bud is decarboxylated before it’s used to infuse the oil. This means that you can skip an extra step in the process, but it can make a bit of a mess if you aren’t careful.

4. THC distillate – Strong effects

THC distillate is one of the most popular cannabis products because it’s one of the only ones that you can take literally any way that you like, as it comes entirely preactivated, and it’s safe to smoke, put into lotion, or to eat. The only problem is that THC distillate is also an incredibly powerful cannabis concentrate, so it might not make the best choice for anyone with a low tolerance to THC.

5. THC isolate – A most powerful dose

If you want to get the absolute most possible strength out of your THC capsules, then you will need to go with a more exotic cannabis filler option like THC isolate. This is a powder, so it makes very little mess compared to liquids, and it’s as strong as it could possibly get, which makes it an excellent choice for more seasoned consumers or those who are seeking relief from extreme pain. It also doesn’t need to be decarboxylated, which means it can go straight from the jar to the capsule and be ready for you to take in mere minutes.

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