5 things that cannabis can make better over the holidays

Published Dec 1, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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Most cannabis consumers have hidden their preference for herb for years, but now that it’s legal, there is no longer any reason to hide. Though there are important laws and regulations to keep in mind along the way, there are so many parts of the holidays that cannabis can help to make more enjoyable, and we're here to share the top five with you as inspiration before the season gets into full swing.

1. Food

One of the longest-running stereotypes about cannabis is that it will give you and anyone else who smokes it a case of the infamous munchies, where you want to devour everything in sight to sooth an insatiable hunger. Luckily for us, this one is totally true, which is why it can help not so great food go down easier while making the most delicious treats even better. You will need to keep up with your appetite to maintain the strength to make it through it all, and back home to your comfy bed, so, why not embrace this convenient side effect this Christmas?

2. Presents

Christmas has come a long way from its roots, which were intended to celebrate the birth of Jesus, which is often a theme in nativity displays. These days, most people are too busy thinking about the next black Friday sales or paycheck to spare a moment for religious reflection. If you aren’t one of the many that take holiday gift-giving as a personal challenge, you will still probably spend a whole lot of time wrapping presents to place under the tree, a tedious task that can be much more enjoyable with an uplifted spirit that can come from a bowl or joint just beforehand.

When we aren’t doing our best to give this season, we quite often end up on the receiving end of the gifting tradition, and not everyone is so good with surprises. Whether you have anxiety over waiting for the perfect gift to show up under the tree, or you dread what grandma decided to make for you this year, a toke or two can go a long way for soothing the stress, helping you to laugh off that itchy sweater and it can even dull the senses long enough to tolerate wearing it for the rest of the meal.

3. Family

During the holidays most people travel great distances to reconnect with loved ones, but for some, this is a challenge that is daunting, especially if their relationship with an old friend or family member has been strained recently. While we would never recommend heading home if it causes you so much grief that you no longer feel that it’s worth it, but if there is any chance you might regret not going, then you might want to consider bringing a little weed to enjoy over the course of the evening.

Time is a precious thing that is fleeting, so it is important to take our few days off a year, to see those we care about the most. If you use the right strain for the occasion, one that can help to bring up your mood, make you feel more relaxed, and chatty, then you might find that the whole evening flies right on by without any awkward moments or silences.


4. Travel

Whether you are heading out on a long drive, flight or train ride to visit family, or if it’s that you’re going on a vacation to a warmer destination, the time that it takes to get there can often be longer than the festivities, and so there is no reason not to try to make them a bit more tolerable.

While it is important to remember that driving while under the influence is illegal in most region and is considered to be akin to drinking alcohol and driving intoxicated, there is nothing wrong with riding shotgun or in a back seat safely strapped in high, just be sure that you do it outside of the vehicle to avoid accidentally getting the driver stoned.

5. Waiting

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, which means more traffic on the roads, more frequent bus and train stops, extended hours almost everywhere, and much longer line ups in almost every scenario. Whether it’s waiting an hour in line for the hottest toy of the year, or waiting for weeks for your mechanic to call you back to finally get those winter tires installed, it can always be made better with weed.

While smoking marijuana won’t actually speed up time, some strains do have a sort of time warping effect, and those that don’t make basic tasks and brain games much more entertaining, both of which can truly help to make all of the waiting a bit more tolerable this holiday season.

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