Top 5 best Christmas rolling papers of 2019

Published Nov 29, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET
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Rolling papers are one of those things that cannabis consumers tend not to invest a whole lot of time into until it’s needed to roll a joint. They are mass manufactured so that we can buy them at a reasonable rate, which is why it isn’t too common to come across holiday-themed rolling papers, but with Christmas right around the corner it’s time to highlight the handful of brands that have decided to compete against all of the others by introducing exclusive holidays rolls. Below you will find five different options from the most trusted companies like RAW and lesser-known alternatives that offer a more budget-friendly price.

1. Juicy Jay’s Candy Cane Flavor

Cost: $12.95

Though Juicy Jay's rolling papers tend to be a bit cheaper when they are purchased through a local headshop, dispensary, or variety store, not much beats the convenience of online shopping during the holidays, and this price buys a 3-pack. These flavorful rolls will make any joint or blunt taste just like a good old fashioned candy cane, and with each one holding up to one gram of herb and each pack containing 32 rolling papers, that’s enough to keep you going for the whole month or longer after Christmas. It really is the gift that keeps on giving, with subtle hints of peppermint and flashy red and white stripes that taste amazing and last, while offering a festive aesthetic appeal.

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2. RAW Classic Merry Christmas Edition Package

Cost: $40

RAW has been there for cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs for decades, so it’s not surprising that they’d go above and beyond to offer the perfect, all in one joint-rolling package that’s Christmas themed. Each of the rolling paper packs inside features a different highly detailed holiday-themed design, and with over 18 pieces to choose from, it makes the list of ultimate stoners gifts for 2019. Each package includes a raw lanyard, king-size rolling papers, 4 different kinds of blunt, joint and cone tips, a 6-inch hemp wick alongside a variety of different kinds of papers to choose from.

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3. Trailer Park Boys Merry F-ing Christmas

Cost: $19.99

These rolling papers are exclusive to the ‘Stuff it in Your Sock’ bundle deal that includes a Trailer Park boys board game, pack of high-quality playing cards, and one pack of Christmas themed papers. Each pack holds 32 king-sized papers, and each one features a unique Christmas ornament with a word or funny holiday-themed saying in the center. They are made from 100% organic hemp and offer a smooth hit with a festive theme that suits the season. Get them before they’re all gone!


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4. Lionhead 24K Gold

Cost: $17.95

If you have ever gone down the rabbit hole, that is the wonderful world of Etsy which is full of unique handmade products, then you already know that you can find almost anything you could ever want there, including these unique 24K gold rolling papers which can make any joint or blunt look like a beautifully wrapped gift in a jiffy. Whether you’re looking to gift pre-rolls for Christmas, or you just want a nice high-quality gift that shines and glitters, then these rolling papers make an excellent gift for the holiday. Just note that the price is only for one pack, and each one holds only 2 rolling papers that are made of gold, hemp, and paper combination.

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5. GoFun RT Merry Christmas

Cost: $22

These Christmas rolling papers are ideal for giveaways, gifts, and stocking stuffers because while they aren’t exactly considered a high-quality brand, the price reflects that, and the price that is listed above is for an entire box of individual packs of rolling papers. There are 33 papers per packet, 50 packs per box, and a total of 150 rolling papers, so enough to keep you and all of your friends stocked for the rest of the year on a budget. The papers themselves are a plain white, but the pack covers feature a snowman, reindeer, and other holiday-themed designs for your viewing pleasure.

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