5 must have weed accessories for every cannabis enthusiast

Published Aug 6, 2019 12:35 p.m. ET
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1. Cannabis grinder

No matter what the preference is to ingest your herb, there will always be a need for a good quality weed grinder to bust it apart. This helps to provide a nice and even burn for joints, bongs and pipes as well as an even heat distribution during the process of decarboxylation for marijuana edibles. Because of this, grinders are the most popular weed accessory on the market today, and often considered a necessary addition to every rolling kit. Choose from electric or manual. Equipped with a kief catcher, or the bare bones teeth and chamber, it really doesn’t matter which kind you get, as long as it works for you.

2. Rolling tray

A joint-rolling tray is the perfect tool for containing weed grind which often travels quite quickly across a surface with a bit of a breeze. Not only will it keep you from finding buds that have slid onto the ground, but it can also serve as a fast clean up tool. It’s easy to stash your herb, grinder, and whatever else you might have out and need to put up in a hurry. A rolling tray can also provide a safe resting place for dabbing tools and concentrates, which stick to every surface that they come into contact with.

3. Bud and concentrate storage containers

Most cannabis consumers start out with a basic Ziploc bag or glass jar for their bud, but as an enthusiast’s collection and tastes grow, the ability to organize become a necessity. Stackable options that can be easily labeled or marked alongside softer silicone models for concentrates is all that any marijuana user could ever want or need. The size should match the amount of bud that they would typically need to store, as too much breathing room can reduce it to powder through movement alone.


4. Humidor

Though your accessories list might start out with a simple pack of papers and a jar. Through experience, you will likely find that handy tools to make the job easier are desirable, and often, even required to achieve the most enjoyable benefits of cannabis plants. Cured bud will not last forever, and maintaining the ideal environment is necessary to preserve the terpenes, cannabinoids and other vital elements within the plant materials. Too dry of a storage container could quickly turn your bud into a pile of dust, and one that is too moist will produce mold which can be hazardous to your health and degrade its components. The best way to prevent this is to invest in a high-quality humidor that is made specifically for cannabis. If you choose a used model, then it is recommended to avoid humidor boxes that have stored any kind of tobacco products. As the oils will leech into the wood, and eventually transfer to the cannabis products stored within it.

5. Rolling papers

Just about anyone who enjoys smoking marijuana, will have a pack of papers on hand. There is nothing more convenient and economical when your favorite glass piece breaks. However, rolling papers serve a vital purpose that is incredibly underutilized. Some offer a fast-burning experience, while others will slow down the rate which is perfect for dehydrated bud flowers. There are also flavor additives and enhancement tools like blunt wraps which are said to increase the high. Even if you’re a simple toker that likes to keep things basic, you may want at least three different options to help you to control how fast your joint goes up in smoke.

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