Top weed grinders Of 2018

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:18 p.m. ET

 There are many benefits to finding the perfect grinder. From the cost savings aspect, grinding helps your weed go a little further, to the smoother more even burning. Then, of course, the easy bonus gathering of kief crystals. If you haven't tried a grinder yet, we highly recommend that you do. If you have, then you already know the benefits and are likely looking for another tool to add to your weed smoking arsenal. Either way, we hope you check out our top six high quality weed grinders of 2018.  Guaranteed there’s something to suit your needs and to fit within your budget.

1. Pen Simple Grinder
Cost: $69
The Pen Simple grinder is not only a grinder. It also acts as an electric one button touch weed dispenser and holder. A Pen Simple kit comes loaded with a funnel, a USB charger, and user guide. Offering the most affordable versatility in a small, sleek, pocket-sized pen that is easy to carry and durable. It’s made for constant use and abuse and comes backed with a three-year warranty. This is the only one on our list that doesn't look like a grinder and appears as nothing more than a novelty type pen to the unsuspecting passerby.

2. Herb A Grinder
Cost: $40
A small weed grinder, but also a powerful one. The Herb A Grinder is elegant looking and efficient but can get gummed up quickly. While it is a personal favorite and popular seller, it may be the least reliable on the list if you use it for weed with a higher resin content. This kit contains one cleaning brush, one USB charger, and an instruction manual. While it may not offer the best quality, it does a great job for a grinder with its price point, and even comes with a few extras that will help add to the overall life you can expect from it. Take care of it by keeping it clean, and you could have a reliable little pocket grinder for years. This one will last for an average of 60 uses before needing to recharge making it perfect for any backpacker. It’s user-friendly design, and affordability is what earned it number two on our list of the best weed grinders of 2018.

3. Space Case
Cost: $79.95
Space Case is a manual grinder. Slated the highest quality grinder in America this one is one of the most durable you will ever use. It offers a sleek visually appealing design and is incredibly user-friendly. Equipped with a kief screen and a large container which will allow you to collect all the dust you could need for either edible or as a potent bonus addition to any bowl. Created by vape smart, this incredibly basic design is most loved and comes with no downside after it’s additional cost which is easily explained by its quality that will last for years.

4. Easy Grinder
Cost: $99
This may be a higher price than some on this list, but its functional abilities make it a fan favorite. Not only does it look great, but it also performs on professional levels and has a modern design. With no others on the market quite like it, the Easy Grinder offers a battery life that can last for days but sets a standard minimum 100 uses per charge. While it is small, it isn’t discreet and looks like something out of this world. If you're looking for a solid, reliable, heavy-duty conversation starter than this one is for you.


5. Kozo Manual Weed Grinder
Cost: $16.95
This Kozo is an upgrade from the Kozo’s original design and is most competitive because of its price point. The Kozo manual weed grinder is a heavy-duty and reliable piece. With an ergonomic grip, deep kief collecting chamber, and four-piece design this one is a great portable option for anyone on a budget.

6. Sharp Stone Grinders
Cost: $50-$80
Made with thick aluminum and most famous for its magnetic lids, a variety of colors, and diamond coated blades. This grinder makes busting up even largest densest buds feel almost too easy. With free shipping, a 30 days money back guarantee and free return/exchange policy this company stands behind every product and that’s something that’s rare to see. If you want to try something risk-free, this one might just be for you.

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