10 Fantastic hacks for the creative stoner

Published Apr 13, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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There are stoner hacks for just about everything you can think of, but here you will find some of the best and most unique ideas compiled on one easy to follow list. These tips and tricks go beyond different ways to work your cannabis gear and they utilize things that you’ve probably never thought could be useful before. So, if you’re craving a more luxurious stoner lifestyle without spending a dime, then this is the place for you.

1. Always keep a tube of lip balm in your stash box

We all know that smoking weed can lead to a serious case of “dry mouth” or cottonmouth”. This uncomfortable feeling can make it difficult to swallow, talk, or to clear your throat, and it’s certainly not one of the most flattering side effects of getting high, but for the most part, after a few minutes and a quick sip of water, you’ll feel just fine. Your lips, on the other hand, are exposed to heat constantly, but you can combat cracked, dry lips by storing a tube of lip balm with your weed.

2. Use a pill bottle and a penny as an impromptu weed grinder

If you’ve ever had to use a giant, awkward pair of kitchen scissors to cut up your cannabis, then you know how uncomfortable, dangerous, and uneven it can be, which is why we’ve always recommended that every stoner invests in a high-quality weed grinder. However, if you don’t have cash or access to one, you can drop a penny and a bud into a pill bottle and shake it hard and fast for a few minutes. The results will be perfectly ground weed. Yes, it really is that easy!

3. Keep candy or mints accessible

We talk about dry mouth a lot because it seriously interferes with how we function, but few stoners discuss the bad taste that can build up in the mouth after smoking a few joints. This happens no matter the kind of device used, and water by itself isn't usually enough to get rid of it completely. In these times, it can really help to keep a bag of your favorite sugary candy or mint, and it will also help to boost saliva production, so this weed hack does two jobs rolled into one simple solution.

4. Pre-rolled joints might result in a higher experience

Sure, you are bound to go through a whole lot more cannabis if it’s incredibly easy to just spark up another joint, but that’s kind of the point, as it will take more over a shorter time to get you higher than you’ve ever been before. So if you’re ok with dishing out a bit more cash to the weekly weed budget, and you are seeking a more intense high, it might be time for you to start pre-rolling joints, as it takes quite a bit of time to roll a joint, especially when you’re losing track of time in between sessions.

5. Use a bobby pin or a safety pin to clean your bowl

If you’ve ever tried to clean out a glass or metal bong or pipe, then you know that it’s a dirty job that can take quite a while, even if you have all of the best cleaners on hand. That is because these cannabis pieces are designed with multiple tunnels, chambers, and pieces that will often twist and turn in weird ways that catch all of the goo and debris, so it can be hard to pull out every bit of gunk without a special tool to do so. Some people like the metal wired brushes paired with cleaner as they bend, but if you don’t have the time or cash to invest, then you can use a bent bobby or safety pin instead.

6. Always smoke before you eat


Now technically, if you want a buzz to hit you the hardest, and for the longest time, then you will want to toke on a full stomach because the food seems to counteract some of the effects of THC. However, that usually results in multiple trips to the fridge for innocent snacks, which can quickly add up, especially for those who are trying to maintain some kind of diet. To solve that problem, and to avoid a bad case of the “munchies,” it’s best to have a good smoke session just before you eat instead, which can help you to manage the effects and how much food you are eating.

7. Never try new weed products alone

This is the best stoner hack for every cannabis enthusiast, no matter what your experience or tolerance level because we all absorb and react to cannabinoids differently, especially once we switch up our method of ingestion. Unfortunately, the majority of the negative cannabis experiences out there happen when a person decides to try a new product, like switching from smoking buds to consuming edibles. When it comes to concentrated goods, they can be incredibly potent, so it’s always safest to try them under the supervision of someone that you trust.

8. Hide one or two buds away for a rainy day

Running out of weed is never a pleasant experience and it’s something that could happen to anyone of us. It’s easy to assume that you’ll always have your habit covered, but it’s hard to foresee things like sick days, job loss, and other incidents that could get in the way of your usually pick up, so it’s always a good idea to hide a bud away. Out of sight, and out of mind is the only way to go so that you’ll have a secret stash available when it’s needed the most, just ensure to hide it someplace where your pets, friends, and kids won’t find it.

9. Water flavor drops can help to keep you hydrated

We’ve touched on dry mouth symptoms a couple of times already in this list, but another excellent way to avoid or reduce this uncomfortable sensation is to stay well hydrated in the first place. Unfortunately, water isn’t the tastiest beverage on the market, so after getting stoned, you’ll be much more likely to reach for something sweet and delicious. Things like sugar-filled juice or coffee aren’t going to do that job properly, which is why we love the stoner hack of using water drops. Turn your bottle into any flavor that you like, while avoiding cottonmouth, and staying healthy through hydration.

10. The DIY bong

You aren’t a true stoner until you know how to make a bong with a random assortment of household goods. This learning curve often comes out of necessity, when a piece breaks and you’re left with nothing to use, but it’s something that every cannabis lover should know how to do. One of the simplest DIY bong ideas is the apple bong, which requires a small tunnel from the side of the fruit that meets with a second one from the top, which forms the bowl. It’s cheap, effective, fun aesthetically appealing, and it will make every hit taste like a bite from a juicy apple.

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