The most high-tech cannabis gadgets of 2018

Published Feb 16, 2019 10:32 p.m. ET

One of the most enticing aspects of cannabis culture is the high-tech gadgets that are designed for marijuana use. Whether you are looking for the best trichome scope or hunting for a unique new tool to help enhance the overall experience. We have got you covered with the five most high-tech cannabis gadgets of 2018.

1. Core Pod System

Cost: $29.99

This high-tech vaporizer is the world's best pod-based interchangeable vape pen. Featuring the most innovative pod technology using ceramic pods designed to produce the best taste possible. The Core Pod System is the first vape pen with magnetic interchangeable easy to swap out pods. It comes with one rechargeable 400Mah Lithium battery, one ceramic pod, one interchangeable magnetic system, one charger, and one case. With features like a no leak design and options to choose from including either a 0.75 milliliter or a 1.2-milliliter capacity. This lightweight, high tech vaporizer is one of a kind and the best vape pen out available in 2018.

2. Carson Intermediate

Cost: $297.99

The Carson Intermediate is the best trichome scope on the market. With a zoom range of 100x to 1000x this biological microscope is a professional grade tool that will offer spectacular results. Since viewing trichomes can be such an important tool in any grower’s arsenal when deciding to harvest, this bad boy comes highly recommended in terms of usefulness. Delve into the world that lives just out of reach of the naked eye. You are certain to be shocked by what you find. With a backlight and the ability to be hooked up to any smartphone, tablet, or computer, its versatility is unmatched. The best trichome microscope is Canadian made and designed.

3. The Herb Guard

Cost: $44.99

This high tech weed stash technology is the best of the best and the only way to go to ensure your stashes safety. This case will maintain ideal humidity and temperatures leaving your dried herb as fresh as the day you bought it. It also comes equipped with four separate code locks, two waterproof baggies, one grinder, and offers all the protection any stoner could ever need. With a sleek black look and a completely waterproof and impact proof design the Herb Guard offers maximum protection at a surprisingly low price.

4. Easy Grinder

Cost: $99


The Easy Grinder is unique in its design and looks exactly like an oversized pen. This grinder is a kit containing a rechargeable battery, one USB charging cord, one wall adapter, and four interchangeable parts. Offering 300 grinds every minute this powerful herb grinder is portable, easy to use with just one push of a button and can grind an incredibly surprising 3.5 grams at a time in under 30 seconds with ease. It even comes nestled in its little carrying case that has room to hold a few extras like papers or a lighter.

5. Bell and Howell Tactical Lighter

Cost: $19.99

One of the easiest ways to personalize a smoking experience is by dabbling in some unique tools, such as heating elements. This tactical lighter designed by Bell and Howell is designed for hardcore outdoor enthusiasts that require a dependable lighter on the go. The best feature of the tactical lighter is that it will never require fluid and therefore has none of the taste of smell that often comes with using BIC or Zippo lighters. Spark up a bowl using a volt of electricity that is easy to aim and control with a dial that will force it to either jump higher or shorter making it perfect for lighting bowls or joints.

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Core Pod System

Carson Intermediate Trichome Scope  

The Herb Guard

Easy Grinder

Tactical Lighter



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