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Published May 22, 2019 01:20 p.m. ET

October 17, 2018 has come and gone, that was the day that in Canada, you could legally grow four precious marijuana plants at home. You are free to grow your plants for recreational or medicinal use. The stigma around marijuana is easing, the pot is legal, so why not grow your own?

Here is the issue, you may not have a “green” thumb, and although you enjoy smoking and using the bud, you are finding it expensive, and the quality and methods used to grow are uncertain. Growing your weed is the only guaranteed method of knowing what is in your cannabis.

U-Bud Cannabis Services is here to help. U-Bud offers a way to grow weed easy. David Kurth, president AKA “chief business hippy” of the company ensures the companies support will assist you from start to finish in growing marijuana. U-Bud provides top quality equipment that will, in turn, produce a top-quality bud.

The company goes a step further and will also come and clean up any mess that is left behind after your successful guaranteed growing period. U-Bud will be at your side during the process providing support, training, and will send reminders for how to care for your plants and produce excellent quality buds. The company will arrive with all that is needed to set up an optimal grow room in your house.

For each grows you will be supplied a 4 by 4 marijuana grow tent with a carbon filter, exhaust fans, high quality lighting complete with timers and donated seeds.  The ventilation equipment deters from smelling the herb throughout your home. All supplies are provided, and detailed instructions are left for you to follow and finish with a successful harvest.

Cannabis Services

Service costs

You may wonder how I can afford this service? U-Bud makes it easy with the different subscriptions they have available.

You may want to try the One Kit Wonder this service is great for the new farmer. The company will come to your house and set up everything for you. The only requirement for the set-up is access to an electrical outlet and a water faucet. This is a guaranteed process, and estimates are you will receive a yield up to 14 oz of cannabis. The price for this service is quite reasonable when you consider what 14 oz will cost buying your herb legally from the government.

This service price is $789, compared to an estimated price of $3968 if you were to buy from the government this amount of product.

The Big Kahuna

The Big Kahuna is another service that is offered. You will be supplied with everything necessary for three full grows, that allow 4 plants each grow, totaling 12 legal plants for the year. Production yield is estimated at 42 oz. This service price is $1789 estimated government price of $11,906.


U-Bud does not stop there; they offer additional services to help complete the whole process of growing your weed at home.

Cropping service

This may be just what you need. After watching your buds grow and reach maturity, they need to be dried and cropped. The company will come and do this for you. They will set up the quality equipment that is needed.

This service price is $199 not too bad for the service provided, especially if you are new to this and if you do not have the time to attend to the final production of your plants.

Outdoor growing service

U-Bud does not only help with indoor growing but will assist in outdoor growing also. The same guarantee and process used for indoor growing is implemented here. The set up starts in the house and when plants are ready for being transferred outside U-Bud is there for you.

This service price is $649, and you own the equipment.  Estimated government price for this 64 oz yield could be $17,920.

Organic growing service

For those that only go the organic way, U-Bud can help with that method also. U-Bud will provide all necessary equipment and material as they do for all assisted home growing. The estimated yield for this method is about 14 oz.

The service price is $799, the estimated government price for this service would be about $3968.

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