The Green Room Podcast - Episode 42 - Anne-Marie Fischer

Published Sep 10, 2020 03:52 p.m. ET

Welcome to  The Green Room the premier cannabis weekly events podcast, featuring Jacqui Childs, the best selling author and award-winning social media influencer, and Lester from Cannabis Wiki.

Join them weekly as they educate, keep you informed and up to date with Cannabis Events, Conferences, Expos, Business Awards, Cup’s, Crawls, and Gala’s. The cannabis plant and all its wonders have proven to be an exciting industry. The Green Room will keep you up to date on the most relevant and pertinent cannabis issues.

Today we are honored to have Anne-Marie Fischer, M.Ed. Anne-Marie has been a lifelong educator, writer, and has been standing behind successful cannabis companies and entrepreneurs since 2016 through her education, research, and content work within the industry in the U.S., Canada and abroad.

Anne-Marie spent a decade within research and higher education environments building research and engagement partnerships locally and across Canada, The U.S., Central America, and East Africa. She turned to full-time writing in 2016, helping businesses and executives with all professional writing needs and soon noticed more demand for the cannabis industry for professional, accurate writing and research.

CannaWrite was borne conceptually in 2016, and began serving clients under the CannaWrite brand in 2017, and has been a thriving cannabis content, cannabis research, and education agency, serving over 200 clients and brands within the cannabis industry. AMF Cannabis Consulting brings together her previous experience in career and personal development with her experience in the cannabis industry. AMF Cannabis Consulting is a dedicated service for coaching, consulting, and helping people find success and fulfillment in the global cannabis industry.


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