The Green Room Podcast - Episode 30 - Valerie de Moore

Published Apr 29, 2020 03:04 p.m. ET

Welcome to  The Green Room the premier cannabis weekly events podcast, featuring Jacqui Childs, the best selling author and award-winning social media influencer, and Lester from Cannabis Wiki.

Join them weekly as they educate, keep you informed and up to date with Cannabis Events, Conferences, Expos, Business Awards, Cup’s, Crawls, and Gala’s. The cannabis plant and all its wonders have proven to be an exciting industry. The Green Room will keep you up to date on the most relevant and pertinent cannabis issues.

Today we are honored to have Valerie de Moore. Valerie is a entrepreneur and creator of PotAway which destroys the pungent odour of marijuana from the air. "Cannabis smell is a big problem for some people, and they don't know what to do," she said. "You can't just mask it with air freshener."She began selling PotAway, a chemical-free and fragrance-free product, at local flea markets a few weeks ago. She's also delivered bottles to more than a dozen hotels in the Lundy's Lane area of Niagara Falls.

Valerie previously owned a successful business for many years in Interior Decorating & Design but decided in 2013 to move into the second phase of her life by learning everything she could  about health. She asked herself… what is it that everyone needs and can never be without or they would die. The answer was Air & Water. With no idea on where this was going to lead her she set out to discover so much information that without knowing, lead to creating PotAway which involves both Air & Water. Its been a whirlwind and an exciting process developing PotAway and it’s growing super fast.


Check out her Website: https://www.potaway.ca/

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