Rock Universe - Feelgood Glass Review

Published Sep 5, 2019 09:42 a.m. ET

Rock Universe provides a “kid in a candy store” effect for the cannabis users who enjoys using glass bongs. The exclusive Feelgood brand is currently available at all of the fifteen Rock Universe locations throughout southern Ontario.

This amazing brand is not only beautiful to look at but provides a smooth and powerful means of delivery for your favorite cannabis strain.

Feelgood Glass provides the cannabis connoisseur with a high-quality 14ml clean glass, and eye-catching colored accents for their bong enjoyment.

The wonderful Feelgood bongs will take you to another level of excellency in your cannabis experience. Your mind will be blown away with the smooth effects as you blow through the water of your Feelgood glass pipe.

Beautiful and aesthetically pleasing is just the beginning for these bongs. They are lightweight but sturdy enough to do the job.

Item number 1


The Lime Green Feelgood bong comes wrapped in bubble wrap concealed in a brown carboard box. The items are wrapped in bubble wrap. The Lime Green Feelgood accented bong comes with the down-stem, the bowl, and the bong. The bong is a classic beaker style model. Look for a longer-lasting bong with 14ml sturdy glass being incorporated for the entire bong. The beautiful lime green color circling the top of the bong is defiantly eye-catching.

Item number 2

Thick 14ml clear glass is used for the manufacturing of the Clear Feelgood Nine bong. The Feelgood Nine monogram is inscribed on the outside of the clear tube bong in elegant gold lettering. The bong is well wrapped and comes to you in three pieces concealed in a plain brown box. The tube bong, down-stem and the bowl have a sturdy weight ensuring that the Feelgood Nine stays in place on the table when using. This bong is visually attractive making for a great conversational cannabis accessory

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