Highly Intimate Podcast - Episode 4 - Carlen Costa

Published Mar 16, 2020 01:02 p.m. ET

Welcome to the Highly Intimate Podcast hosted by Jacqui Childs, the best selling author and award-winning social media influencer.

Highly Intimate is a show about women and wellness. Each week our host Jacqui Childs sits down with old friends and new, to celebrate women, wellness and their individual inspiring journey's. Jacqui's guests may be from all walks of life, but their paths have all lead them to each other. They share  hopes, dreams and challenges. "#HighlyIntimate there's room for us all"

Today we are honored to have with us Carlen Costa. Carlen is, The Everyday Goddess, a Clinical Sexologist, OCSWSSW Psychotherapist, Cannabis Educator & Author. She has developed the integrated transformational therapy methodology to deliver her newest program, for women, Goddess, Glow-Up! She is registered with the American College of Sexologists, with her Masters of Public Health & Doctorate of Human Sexuality from the late, Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, San Francisco, as well as a registered Psychotherapist with the Ontario College of Social Workers & Social Service Workers.

She wants you to love every aspect of your life. She hears, all too often, that people are not feeling confident about their bodies, are staying in unhealthy relationships with lovers, partners or friends and family. That they are not satisfied with their sex lives, are not satisfied with their own lives and, they also don’t know what to do about it!


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