Hamilton Vape

Published Jun 6, 2019 03:05 p.m. ET

Beginning in 2012 as a web store specializing in selling a small line of herbal vaporizers, Hamilton Vape has become a staple to both the medical and non-medical vaporizer users. After making himself a presence on the web, owner and founder Anthony Foster was introduced to the medical community, and quickly discovered the large crossover between vaporizers and the medicinal side of herbal aroma therapy.

As his customer base grew, Anthony began to do more public events and in meeting more members of the vaporizer community, realized that Hamilton was in need of a safe, welcoming location for people to medicate. Anthony was able to use his reputation and presence on the internet as a foundation for growing his business, and, despite many hurdles, the current Hamilton Vape location at 1463 Main Street East opened on May 16, 2015.

The company stays true to its roots in selling and renting vaporizers, but the Hamilton Vape location also offers a 19+ upscale vape lounge, geared towards educating people about the benefits of herbal use as an alternative medicine. The physical location also acts as a base for Hamilton Vape’s team of educators, who attend province wide events informing the public of the medicinal uses for herbal aroma therapy.


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