Flow Sci Natural Terpenes and Flavours

Published Jun 10, 2019 01:46 p.m. ET

Flow Sci is paving the way in the terpene industry, creating a product which is authentic, high quality and raw.  Our integrity lies within our products, which speak for themselves.

What do you get when you pair up an organic chemist and an accountant?  Well, us! Dave, the organic chemist, brings 5 years of pharmaceuticals manufacturing and 11 years of specialty manufacturing experience.  At Flow Sci he has been able to fuse his passion for aromatherapy with his dedication to quality and perfection.  Sean, the accountant has been rubbing elbows with the best and brightest in the BC cannabis industry for over 15 years – since back in the day when BC Bud was first making a name for itself.  He has had the opportunity to work with some of the most visionary people in the industry and help them bring their products to the next level.  You’d know them by name.  Now he’s thrilled to be able to offer those products to the world through Flow Sci.

Our Promise
We promise to provide you with a high quality product to add flavour and personality back to cannabis extracts and edibles. We source natural, organic whenever possible, non GMO, food grade, kosher terpenes isolated from various plant species. We do not buy any terpenes if they are not supported by a certificate of analysis from a reputable supplier. No pesticides or heavy metals. No tricks or gimmicks.


Check them out at https://www.flowsci.com/

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