Cannabis Wiki Cooking Show - Episode 8 - Chef Jordan Wagman

Published Apr 16, 2020 06:03 p.m. ET

Welcome to the Cannabis Wiki Cooking Show featuring Jacqui Childs, the best selling author and award-winning social media influencer, and Lester from Cannabis Wiki.

Today we are honored to have with us Chef Jordan Wagman. Combining his renowned culinary skills with an infusion of cannabis, Chef Jordan Wagman’s intimate and infused dinners are gaining a buzz in the culinary world. Chef Wagman hosts 12 guests at his home and prepares CBD and THC infused dinners in front of the guests with emphasis on seasonally fresh ingredients complementing Cannabis plant flavors and “do more than get guests high.”

Today Chef Jordan Wagman will be showing us a few of his infused dishes, Veggie Quinoa Chili, Lobster Nicoise Salad and Mango Coconut Gummies.


Check out his Website: https://www.jordanwagman.com/

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