CanEx Jamaica - Rastafari Indigenous Village Interview

Published Oct 7, 2019 01:30 p.m. ET

The Rasta Indigenous Village is about the healing of mind, body and spirit.

The Rastafari village was created 10 years ago as a cultural sharing center, healing ground, and sanctuary. It is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica and this village displays the cultural living of Rastafarian and the experience of their way of life.

The village is home to a community of Rastafarians. The village promotes indigenous livity where they protect and preserve traditional Rastafarian practices, and authentic traditions where the villagers co-exist in a living, working preservation village.

The Rasta Indigenous Village hosts guided tours, river retreats and also has accommodation for vegan hostel on their ground.


The village hosts regular cultural festivals, where well acclaimed artistes such as Richie Spice and Chronixx have contributed. There's also ceremonial chants as drumming and chanting ceremonies are an important ritual in the elevation to the spiritual world of Rastafari.

The village compiles of different spaces, one in particular is 'the Rastafari Ceremonial Space, that always has a fire burning, and defined as agent of change, they believe fire destroys & transforms evil situations to a state of harmony. Rastafari refers to evil government and intolerance in all existence as 'babylon' hence the slogan 'FYAH PON BABYLON'

This Rasta Indigenous village definitely has alot of culture to offer. To explore more visit their website at

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