CanEx Jamaica - Indica Online Interview

Published Oct 4, 2019 02:07 p.m. ET

IndicaOnline is a cloud-based point-of-sale (POS) solution that helps users process transactions and manage daily operations for medical marijuana businesses and dispensaries. Users can also work remotely using a mobile device.

The company has a Medical Marijuana POS System for Dispensaries and a Medical Marijuana POS System for deliveries.

Their MMJ POS Systems features includes tracking and managing one or multiple locations, i.e. Accessing detailed statistics and track inventory and staff for each particular location, and track Vendors and Consignments by managing all vendors from any device at any place, pay off consignment and wholesale ordering. Their MMJ POS System for deliveries features includes dispatching orders, GPA tracking of drivers and orders for fast dispatching.


The company has also integrated with other software and platform and even Weedmaps which is one of the largest online dispensary directories, to make the process run smoother.

Visit their website at https://indicaonline.com/ and allow them to streamline your dispensaries and deliveries, and get the experience of  simplifying every aspect of your cannabis sales.

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