What's WeedTube?

Published Jun 25, 2019 01:47 p.m. ET
Everything you need to know about WeedTube Photo credit / WeedTube

In this technologically driven age, the ability to connect with other people from all over the world is something that many of us take for granted. It’s now second nature to post about your hobbies, kids, family, favorite foods, and most exciting adventures for the whole world to see, but what if you lost it all in a heartbeat? The idea itself is enough to cause anxiety for many of the millions of social media users who have incorporated different social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat into their everyday lives. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many cannabis enthusiasts who had spent years of their lives building up thousands of followers, putting in the hard work and dedication to their fans above themselves, only to have it all stolen away in an instant.

In 2015 the world-famous giant YouTube began cracking down on content generators who were touching on illegal subjects like drug use, and despite marijuana strains being prescribed right across the globe for medical use, the creators decided it was too much of a liability to let them stay. Within seven days, at least 12 of the most watched cannabis YouTubers went from the top of the world, to barely existing. This massive attack is what drove the creators of WeedTube to move forward with a plan they had thought of mere months earlier.

Who made WeedTube?

Arend Richard aka TheGayStoner and Mackenzie McCurry aka Macdizzle420 are the co-creators of the new online video platform that was inspired by the deletion of hundreds of world-famous cannabis youtubers accounts and content.

What is WeedTube?

WeedTube is an online video platform that comes with many of the same qualities and benefits of YouTube, without the long list of strict rules. It’s a safe space where medical patients and recreational consumers can gather, talk, and share without fear of persecution. Even WeedTubers who live in regions where cannabis is still illegal can freely post and monetize on their created content using ads the same way that YouTubedoes.

WeedTube content rules

There are only two enforced rules that WeedTubers need to watch out for. All users must be at least 18 years of age to participate, and any R rated content will not be tolerated. Though many had expected there to be a requirement of the subject content that is associated with weed, WeedTubers are free to post about any topic that they feel is worth their time and effort.

What is a WeedTuber?


A WeedTuberis a content generator who focuses on topics and subject matter that is related to marijuana use. Some WeedTubers have over 100 000 subscribers, and many of them initially gained notoriety from posting on YouTube.

What kind of content can you expect to find on WeedTube?

When you visit, you will find content with all different kinds of subject headings including how to grow cannabis, marijuana edibles, terpenes, medical cannabis, marijuana strains, political decisions, cannabis legalization updates, events, industry information, and so much more from all over the world. One of the best parts about this platform is that it features voices from people who come from all different walks of life including areas that are still oppressed with anti-cannabis laws as well as those who are living the experience of marijuana legalization firsthand.

How to watch WeedTube

If you are wondering how to take part in this fantastic new video platform than follow the links below for more information.

Desktop: From any desktop, WeedTube can be accessed by visiting

Mobile: This weed app can be found in the google play store and is available for all Android devices.



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