What is and how to use a humidor

Published Mar 4, 2019 03:44 p.m. ET

Have you ever used or heard of a cannabis humidor? If not, then you simply must read on to find out what experiences could await if you buy one in the future. A weed humidor is essentially a high-tech marijuana storage container that can control the humidity, temperatures, and moisture levels within your herb. Gone are the days of baggies being the most widely used method of storage and welcome to the age of the weed humidor. Here we will cover three different kinds that are available in Canada right now, including what they can do, how much they cost, and exactly how to use them.

1. Wooden box weed humidor

Cost: $50-$150

The first is the simplest design and is made using a solid wood like oak. These boxes are ideal for weed quantities up to 1.5 ounces and can separately hold six different types of weed. This marijuana storage box keeps your dried herb at the perfect moisture level using a perfect seal, and disposable pouches that can be replaced once every six months. The pouch will only release moisture as it is needed to keep your bud as fresh as possible. Unfortunately, wood versions often do not come equipped with a hygrometer, but for most cannabis users that isn’t going to make a difference in the decision to purchase, as the box is what does the main job here. Most will come equipped with up to six storage jars and separate compartments for each one to keep things from banging around during transport.

2. Metal box cannabis humidor

Cost: $80- $200

Metal weed humidors are one of the most highly recommended to those just learning how to store marijuana. They can come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and are usually made from steel or aluminum casing. A metal cannabis humidor will almost always come equipped with a hygrometer which will tell you the exact humidity levels that are inside. This makes them perfect for those who are a little pickier about the exact conditions within their marijuana storage container. Metal versions will hold anywhere from 3 to six full-sized resealable mason style jars that come with the box when it is first purchased, taking the guessing out of picking out wrong-sizedcontainer at the store. They do tend to come with a slightly larger price tag, but their lifespan can be easily double that of any wood box which will slowly degrade and warp as it ages.

3. Metal cylinder weed humidor


Cost: $150-$300

These humidors are the cream of the crop. They are the highest tech versions available, and they act as more than just your average marijuana storage container. A large metal cylindrical humidor will also cure your weed for you. That’s right; you can go right from fresh harvesting to storage inside of this smell proof crate that will dry your weed with absolutely no effort required from you. These will not come with glass jars but will come with separate metal containers you can fill with fresh herb and are equipped with a perfectly carved out spot for humidity pouches to maintain freshness for months.

How to use a cannabis humidor

Humidors are often misunderstoodas a fancy kind of storage container, and as noted above, there are many different kinds that don’t do much beyond control the humidity that your bud is stored in. However, originally humidors were meant strictly for drying weed, and those that hold to that require a little more than filling of jars and looking the other way.

When you first harvest marijuana you will have to remove a lot of excess plant material. This includes excess fan leaves, stems, etc. A humidor is only meant to dry bud and to add in any unnecessary plant material will just slow down the process. Once you have some freshly harvested buds that have been trimmed down and are ready to dry, you can place them inside of tiny metal marijuana storage vessels to sit.

At first, you will not need to add any sort of moisture, as the device will be working to get rid of it through a very effective filtering system. Once it is dry though, you will want to add a freshly opened moisture pack to maintain freshness. Remember, a weed humidor is meant to keep the ideal humidity. While it cannot create moisture from nothing, it can force it out as needed, and once that has happened, you will need to promptly provide some for the container to work with. It’s really that easy, just harvest, set it and forget it until it’s dry. After that once every six months you may want to replace the moisture package, but everything else is automatic.



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