Top energizing strains of medical marijuana

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:10 p.m. ET

What type of weed gives you energy?

 If you are looking to combat a mood disorder, perhaps bi-polar depression or even glaucoma here is some useful information. Look towards your sativa-based cannabis. You will benefit from the increased energy, the uplifting mood and the happiness that you will feel.

 Never stop taking your medication prescribed by your health provider and replace it with cannabis without speaking with your physician or healthcare provider. Discuss your health condition options for treatment. If you and your physician decide between you that cannabis is a positive way to treat your condition here are some strains that you may find beneficial for you.

Best sativa strains for energy

Durban: great for mood disorders that need a euphoric boost.

Green Crack: will help to fight fatigue, stress, and depression.

Super Lemon Haze: very effective for back pain, inflammatory pain and used to increase appetite.

Sour Diesel: provides relief of aches and pains.

However,if you are looking for relief from anxiety insomnia or physical pain, even muscle spasms Indica strains will help you. A predominantly Indica strain will help to increase your appetite, help to lift your mood and at the same time relax your muscles. Indica strains have been used to help combat cancer M.S, sleep apnea PSTD and arthritis. These conditions are just a few that can be helped by these strains.

Here are a few indica strains for energy:


Platinum Kush: induces relaxation and is great for stress anxiety depression.

Granddaddy Purple: is relaxing, great for stress and stomach issues.

Northern Lights: relaxes muscles great for stress, helping for pain relief.

God’s Gift: great for inflammation, anxiety ADHD, muscle spasms and stress

The Indica plant has been the most popular strain for medical use. The strong body-centered effects can be very beneficial for the relief from pain.

A popular medical strain in Canada is Romulan. This is used for pain relief. The fresh earthy and pine aromas are great for headaches, spasticity, joint pain, and neuropathy. For medical users,this strain has about 15% THC level. This is about half the amount used for someone looking for a “high” experience. This strain has a higher CBD content. Great for nausea relief that many cancer patients suffer from during their cancer treatments, Chemotherapy can result in many unpleasant side effects. This strain will help combat those undesirable feelings.

Medical marijuana comes from cannabis plants grown organically to harvest their CBD content. Let us not suggest that medical marijuana does not contain THC. Some THC has proven to be beneficial for therapeutic uses. There is a belief that a combination of CBD and THC can be more effective than CBD alone.

The best strains of medical marijuana are ever changing. More and more strains are being produced. The combinations of strains have phenomenal means of helping relieve many medical conditions.

Take the time to talk to your health provider and research the new strains that are out there.



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