Top 3 grow boxes and grow cabinets of 2018

Published Feb 27, 2019 02:30 p.m. ET

If you are looking for a unique and efficient way to grow marijuana indoors than there is likely a grow box out there that is perfect for you. Whether you need a basic grow cabinet or a slightly more advanced hydroponic grow box there will be something on this list that catches your eye, and all of these models are sold in different variations that include several sizes and options to choose from. Making the task of finding one to suit your own needs relatively painless. For a little inspiration to get you started, we have compiled a list of the top three grow boxes and grow cabinets on the market in 2018.

1. Supercloset

Cost: $595 - $4000

The Supercloset is currently the number one grow cabinet line in the world, with sales that outpace every single one of their competitors by at least double. If you want a safe and easy way to cultivate your very own cannabis plants at home with little to no effort and require a space that is difficult to accommodate than these guys will be the most likely to have something that will work. Supercloset grow cabinets are completely automatic and stealth meaning they will blend into their environment and suppress most or all the smell.

Small - The smallest and cheapest option is the SuperBoxCFL Soil grow cabinet which is 18 inches across, 24 inches depth, and 30 inches high. The Supercloset award-winning system is meant for soil growing and is equipped with one 200 watts full spectrum bulb and ballast system, one CO2 filter, one lock and key, one internal air circulation fan, and anti-mold coated removable panels for easy access. It required 110 volts of electricity to function and is reinforced to keep unwanted people and pests out. This grow cabinet offers 30% more growth and 50% more efficiency than a traditional grow room. This model is meant to hold up to 6 plants and provides automated nutrients through a user-friendly easy to set timed and automatic system.

Large - The biggest grow cabinet available from the Supercloset line is the Trinity 3.0 LED soil grow cabinet. This one is equipped with a triple chamber design that allows for a perpetual grow cycle providing the most substantial yields possible. It even has a dedicated cloning chamber, dual custom CO2 filters, and measure 72 inches across, 24 inches depth, and 72 inches tall. The separate chambers can all be individually controlled allowing for the best output for each compartment’s plant stages. With a maximum capacity of 18 plants that are showered under three extra-large grow lights. The price tag may be a bit of a shock initially, but the quality you will find in this automated grow cabinet is second to none and fit for professional and beginner growers alike.

2. Colorado Stealth Hydroponic Grow Box

Cost: $599

If you need something that offers the best environment for cannabis plants at the same time as keeping things discreet than this one is for you. The black exterior is fashioned to resemble a regular filing cabinet with drawers but once unlocked and opened a complete single chamber is revealed that can hold up to six marijuana plants to full maturity. The inside of this hydroponic grow cabinet is lined with mylar which reflects the lights rays providing a more even covering for the plants within. Its dimensions are 17 inches wide, 15 inches deep, and 50 inches tall. This particular model comes equipped with two large air circulation fans, one carbon filter, one 600-watt light system, a lock and key system, a 2.5 gallon slide out removable tray, 5 CFL bulbs for each growing stage totaling 15 altogether, a 24-hour light timer, 3 eight ounce bottles of nutrients, 1 feeding chart, and a full package of PH test strips. So, just about everything that you could ever want for a successful hydroponic grow. With an adjustable shelf to move your plant either further or closer to the light as needed and a plug in and go stealth system that no one will ever notice, this one is five star rated and by far one of the best hydroponic grow boxes of 2018.


3. The Bloom Box

Cost: $3000

This premium soil grow box is one of a kind and designed to blend right in, resembling a counter top or cabinet. Made and sold by BC Northern Lights, it’s elegant and stylish as the designers wasted no expense to create what is the most economical grow space that money can buy. It includes one propagation chamber and a full 32 cubic feet of growing room that can comfortably sustain 9 cannabis plants to full maturity. Incorporated Growsmart technology will water, feed, illuminate, and exhaust filtered stale air all with the push of a single button. One of the coolest features of the Bloom Box is that it comes with everything from the perfect marijuana substrate and nutrients, to the pots and containers that are needed for every single stage. That includes a specially designed germination tray and pellets that will help to give your seeds the best chance at sprouting into healthy, robust, and fast-growing plants. It’s CSA approved and comes with many of the disposable type parts to keep you going for at least one year including CFL bulbs (15) CO2 filters, and enough soil base to fill each of the pots twice. Backed by a three-year warranty that promises a great experience with this worthwhile investment.

Where to purchase

There are several different places you might be able to find these grow boxes and cabinets for sale, but the best prices will always be offered by the manufacturers or makers themselves. Buying that way also ensures a reliable connection to the company and more assurance that the warranty will be fully honored hassle free. To find and purchase one of the grow boxes mentioned here, follow the link that is attached to the model name below.

1. Supercloset- https://supercloset.com

2. Colorado Stealth- www.amazon.com

3. The Bloom Box- https://www.bcnorthernlights.com



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