The 4 best vape pens for battery life

Published Mar 15, 2019 09:34 a.m. ET

If you use a vape than chances are you already recognize the importance of a high-quality vaporizer battery. Vape pen battery sizes vary for several reasons from the amount of power required to heat the elements, to the price that they cost to produce. Manufacturers of these devices must keep them relatively safe to use while also remaining cost-effective and maintaining all components used as compact and lightweight as possible because that’s what sells best. Below you will find out which is the best vape pen battery and ranked number one on our list of the four best vape pens of 2018. Each scored by the extent of battery life, quality, and experience offered. You will also find a bit about what you can expect as far as purchase prices go.

1. Aspire SR72 by Mig Vapor

Cost: $59.95

Equipped with a powerful 1300 mah battery and 1.8-ohm head this vape pen is excellent for beginners and offers a personalized experience. The battery itself can last more than six hours and has an adjustable range of 4.2-4.8 voltage that can be monitored through a bright color changing light on the side. The kit itself contains 1 Aspire tank with BVC coil and 2 replacement coils with two options to choose from either glass or standard. Standard comes decorated in a variety of colors including black, red, blue, green and purple metallic. Inside you will also find one wall charger with indicator light, one manual, one clear atomizer, and one Aspire vape pen. Some neat extra features are a rather large 2.4ml tank, a dual coil system, lights that flash different colors as it’s charging and will stop once it’s done to remind you to unplug it, and a built-in power consumption meter to let you know when you will need to plug it in.

2. Miva 2

Cost: $199.99

This one is a handheld vaporizer perfect for dry herb, concentrates, juice, and more that can be personalized by changing out tanks, coils, and more. The starter kit comes with one digital ceramic vaporizer, one wax cup, one 2200 mah lithium polymer battery, one USB vape pen battery charge cord, and one wall adapter that all fit neatly inside of a leather soft-shelled storage case. The Miva is perfect for those too busy to charge up frequently as they can last anywhere from four to six hours depending on usage. Some of the features included are a five minute shut off, lifetime warranty, LED display, 300F to 435F adjustable temp range, a .5 gram capacity, and a smart temp setting that will memorize your favorite and most used settings.

3. The Matrix by MigVapor

Cost: $139.95

Another from the MigVaporline is the Matrix that boasts an efficient vape pen battery and charger that only takes 20 minutes to fill and lasts for anywhere from five to six hours depending on use. It’s perfect for dry herb or concentrates and is equipped with a 2400 mah vaporizer battery and a unique easy to clean design. Many of the parts from the line are interchangeable making it a good investment for those who seek a change now and then alongside complete control over the amount of vapor is produced. Vape discreetly or blow clouds that will impress. With three different colors including black, white, and red and a soft leather carrying case. Just like all MigVapor products when you buy one, it will come backed by a question free one-year warranty.

4. Kandypens

Cost: $97.99

This model was awarded the best vape pen of 2018 in The Ultimate VapeGuide mainly for its versatility and battery strength.  A Kandypencomes with a 320 mah sub-ohm vape pen battery and offers an experience that can last anywhere from 3-5 hours when it is consistently used. This pen offers three different temperature controls including 320F, 350F, 390F, and 430F that is easily adjusted using a dial located on the side of the device. The most unique feature of this design is the splash guard mouthpiece that keeps any excess residue away from your lips, and a dual quartz rod titanium coils atomizer that makes producing massive clouds a breeze.

Remember that vape pens and or mods will only accept the battery that they are equipped to handle. Do not ever stack batteries or use a vape pen battery that is a higher voltage than what is recommended in your user manual.


Vape pen battery sizes - info

The size of a vaporizer battery isn’t always referencing the voltage that a battery can provide. Sometimes it is the actual size of the battery. Often even when a battery appears to be the correct size, it might not work. This is because vape pen batteries come in all sort of shapes, sizes, and voltage.

Vape pen types

Vaporizer pens come in two different kinds.

Manual - A manual battery is used in devices that require the user to press a button to activate them.

Automatic - An automatic vape pen battery is used in vape pens that will activate when the user inhales from the mouthpiece.

E-Cig Types

Constant - A constant vape pen battery will draw at the same voltage all the time. They are used in vape pens that do not allow you to adjust the temperature settings. A constant battery will provide a consistent experience that the user has no real control over.

Variable - Variable batteries are used in vape pens that have an adjustable temperature feature. A variable battery will allow the user a more personalized experience by providing control over the output and temperature that the elements are heated to.

Battery threading numbers

Every vaporizer battery will have a threading number stamped onto it which translates to the batteries threading type. There are two different kinds of vape pen batteries.

510 thread battery - 510 batteries are made with female threads which can increase airflow.

808 thread battery - This battery comes equipped with a male thread and can give a consistent airflow and heats well as the user inhales.



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