Pucks Watermelon Gummies review

Published May 24, 2019 09:30 a.m. ET
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Edibles come in many forms, and watermelon gummies are a delicious method of ingesting cannabis compared to smoking or vaping, which isn’t always the best method.

Gummies, when ingested, enter the bloodstream and are absorbed in the intestines. Eating infused products like weed gummies is a healthier alternative due to the fact you are not exposing yourself to tar and carbon along with carcinogens. On the medical side, gummies are a great source of anti-nausea reducing properties. Not to mention, they are a discreet way of medicating. Popping a gummy or weed candy in your mouth seems more socially acceptable for some.

Let’s look at how Pucks Watermelon Gummies are distributed.

These delicious morsels are packaged in servings of ten. There is a total THC content of 112 mg of THC. This lets you feel safe in administering 12mg servings per puck. The gummies are infused with a pure sativa distillate and are perfect for enjoying during the day. These delicious marijuana edibles are gluten free and vegan.

If you like the texture of the traditional gummy, the watermelon puck will not disappoint you. The gummies are chewy and deliciously moist. Look forward to enjoying the hints of sourness while enjoying the fresh watermelon sweet notes that cross your palate.

The edibles don’t kick in until one hour later starts with a slow, soothing creeping sensation over your body. The head, your arms, your legs, yes, your whole body will be enjoying the soothing effect. It is a nice feeling without being sedative. Starts in the head and flows over your entire self. The cerebral effects are mellowing to your mood while allowing you to remain focused on any tasks you have planned for the day. You will stay alert but remain in a calm and focused mode. This is a perfect effect for remaining, as they say, calm, cool, and collected.  Enjoy, the great energetic steady happy high that this marijuana edible will be providing.


A perfect time to enjoy these weed gummies is while socializing with friends that may be sharing the same gummy and will also be enjoying the uplifting euphoric high. Company is great while you discreetly enjoy your healthy weed candy.

You can expect to enjoy the uplifting buzz maybe including the giggles for about two and a half hours. This weed candy promises not to leave you lethargic as its parts from you and instead leaves you with an energetic wholesome feeling, maybe wanting another little watermelon puck.

The packaging fails to mention what type of cannabis that is used. The general experience indicates a sativa dominant hybrid.

As with all edibles,it is wise to go slow and easy. The inexperienced user will enjoy the experience if they do not overindulge. The taste is delicious, and you may be tempted to eat more than you should. For the experienced user, these weed gummies are just what you need to have a pleasant,smiling day while helping to address some medical conditions. These scrumptious puck cannabis watermelon marijuana edibles can help you to fight those stress, fatigue, and anxiety feelings.  Micro dosing with these consistent dosing pucks is a perfect solution for the help with numerous medical conditions

Watermelon is a delicious mouthwatering flavor for your weed gummies. Enjoy!



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