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Published Jun 20, 2019 12:14 p.m. ET
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Blockchain technology will provide the consumer and the health practitioner in Ontario and Alberta; who is using Shoppers Drug Martas a supplier for their medical marijuana, with a comfort level of knowing that the products they are purchasing and using, are of good medical quality.

The vice president of business development for Shoppers Drug Mart is proud to announce the signing of TruTrace Technologiesto assist in a pilot program that will enable the tracking of any medicinal cannabis product, from seed to the final product.

The program will begin operating by the end of July, with full operation by the end of November 2019.

Currently, consumers may purchase their cannabis prescriptions with Shoppers Drug Mart through an online method only.

Shoppers Drug Mart was approved by Health Canada to become a licensed producer of medical cannabis in 2018. The company did not want to be involved in the producing of medical marijuana, but preferred to hook-up with prominent establish LP’s, some of these include:

Aurora Cannabis
Broken Coast
Tilary Canada
WeedMD Rx

This business venture gives the patient registered with Shoppers Drug Mart the ability to obtain products from more than one LP. This is a positive and productive move for the company and the marijuana patient. Before the licensing of Shoppers Drug Mart as an LP, the patient was limited to being able to purchase only from the LP that they had registered with. The partnership with other LP's allows the registered marijuana patient a more extensive array of products available for them.

Patients who register with Shoppers, for their medical marijuana needs, can expect to receive high-quality products that meet the safety stands required, with the advantage of obtaining their medicine from numerous different licensed suppliers. The pharmacy is also permitted to sell plants, seeds, oil, and fresh/dried cannabis. Through an online-process, patients with a valid medical document will have access to a wide selection of medical marijuana products. The company provides an excellent customer care team, that is specialized in helping to select the correct product that is needed for your medical concern.

HelloMD, a dedicated consultation portal, assists in the procuring of your medical document and provide patients with information about cannabis use for their particular health needs.


Canadians, estimated in the 300,000, need access to medical marijuana, they now have another option in which they can utilize to obtain the necessary medicine to aid with the health ailments they are presented with.

• Veteran Affairs Canada is supported at Shoppers Drug Mart with the implementation of the medical reimbursement policy from VAC.

• Compassionate pricing allows eligible patients to be given a 20% discount

• Better access to multiple LP’s with one medical document

The company assures a safe and secure method of delivery. All orders over $150.00 are eligible for free expedited delivery through Canada Post. For orders under $150.00, regular shipping rates will be applied to the order.

For safety concerns, the company does not accept returns but, does provide a customer care number that is to be used if there are any issues or concerns with your order.

Shoppers Drug Mart announced that they will be partnering with Manulife Financial Corp and will offer enhanced medical marijuana insurance coverage.

Insurance companies moving forward in covering medical marijuana in Canada


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