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Published May 31, 2019 09:20 a.m. ET
Credit: Mary's Wellness Infused Beverages

Tea, infused with cannabis, would you use it to control pain, help relieve anxiety or depression? These are all conditions that Mary’s Wellness cannabis infused tea can assist with.

Veronica Vidal, the owner of Mary’s Wellness, has been drinking and producing cannabis tea for some time now. Her company, Mary’s Wellness, is based in Toronto and has been serving tea for over four years.

Veronica grew up in Portugal near the Azores and often picked the tea bushes that lined her parent’s property. She grew to be a connoisseur of tea, enjoying the comfort that the different varieties supplied.

Veronica has a heartfelt personal relationship with tea. Her triplets were born safe and healthy. Unfortunately, Veronica did not have a comfortable pregnancy. During her pregnancy, Veronica began to experiment with her tea by adding cannabis as a way to medicate herself. She chooses not to smoke, or volcano vape. However, she needed something other than pharmacological drugs to help her through the painful, nauseating, lack of appetite, and uncomfortable pregnancy. Veronica continued to drink her cannabis infused tea. Her energy level increased, her nausea was reduced, and her appetite returned.  Her triplets were born at 34 weeks and perfect. There were no health issues that the triplets experienced. Mom and babies were discharged from the hospital promptly, with no health problems. However, Veronica required many surgeries after their birth due to the carrying of three children at once. Veronica attributes the use of her cannabis infused teas as the catalyst that helped her to get through those surgeries while maintaining a household of six children.

Sleeping standing up was a common practice for Virginia. This is when her love for tea and the knowledge that cannabis infused teas could provide the relief and help that she needed to get through the rough times.

Mary’s Wellness has been serving cannabis infused tea and beverages for over four years. This company was the first Canadian company to provide this product. Each of the tea bags contains 10mg of THC with 6mg CBD. Virginia is adamant that her teas are healing products.

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Currently, Mary’s Wellness teas have banded with the indigenous community in a pilot program for discovering and distributing healing teas.

Teas have been used for centuries as healing properties, and the addition of cannabis for providing energy, to anti-inflammatory healing qualities is a natural healthy manner for treating ailments.


Virginia is passionate about her teas being used as healthy ways of healing the body and mind. Veronica is quick to point out that the healing teas are a great way to micro-dose your medicine. Teas are convenient, easy to administer, and have no stigma attached to them as some other forms of medicating yourself using cannabis can have.

Legalization of cannabis in 2018 has not taken-away all of the stigma that is still displayed around this plant and its uses.

For the beginner user trying edibles for the first time, they might be warned to take it perhaps slow and only drink half a cup till you know the effects that you will experience. The tea bags do not disclose the amount of caffeine that is in the product.

Be ready for the delicious tastes that this company has infused into the teas. Mary’s Wellness is proud to supply over 20 different teas. The onset is rather quick for an edible. This is due to the cannabinoids being absorbed sublingually producing an onset in about 30 minutes for most people. This is a perfect and delicious tasting way of medicating while still being able to continue your daily activities. Experienced cannabis users can enjoy several cups a day.

Veronica Vidal would like to be recognized for what she and her company are providing: an honest, healing, family owned company. She hopes that her cannabis infused teas will make a difference in the health and welfare of her consumers’ lives. Her product is of good quality and provides an addition, or alternative to pharmaceutical or OTC drugs that women are prescribed to treat their depression, pain, and anxiety.

Virginia has given women and men, an opportunity to find a natural way to help in combating the health conditions that we are confronted with. Her knowledge and determination have provided a pathway for women of all ages and demographics to be enlightened by the benefits of this amazing green plant.



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