Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation: where nature and science meet

Published Jun 19, 2019 11:30 a.m. ET
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2015 saw the legalization of medical marijuana in Jamaica. JMCC, The Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporation, saw the opportunity that was available to become involved in the legal, medical marijuana industry. Jamaica provided the ideal climate for cultivating the plant. Jamaica has a long cultural connection with the cannabis plant for medicinal use. The plant is often referred to as ganja.

JMCC realized what was needed, and that was to assist the countries cultivation of medical marijuana in reaching its full potential. The country needed foreign investment and management that was capable of running global businesses in a highly regulated industry, and JMCC was able to provide both elements.

Customers in Canada, Australia, and Germany are reaping the benefits of the natural sun basked grown cannabis and exposing the Jamaican sunshine to the world.

JMCC can source its ganja or medical marijuana from many sources on the island, including research institutions, breeders, and the licensed cannabis growers who are permitted to sell cannabis. The country has numerous varieties of cannabis types, and cannabinoid profiles, and JMCC has access to those.

JMCC is not sitting still; they currently have nearly one million square feet of cannabis under cultivation in various sites across the island.

The corporation utilizes three cultivation models:

Direct Farms which staff from JMCC manage cultivation from the beginning to harvest

Large Farmers are growers who grow exclusively for JMCC on their land. JMCC has very stringent guidelines that the farmer must adhere to

Farmer Collective involves small independent farmers, who the corporation supports, and aids in their venture to enter the legal cannabis market by having them grow on the company’s secured and monitored sites.

Canada is proud to be part of the promotion of medical cannabis in Jamaica by producing the mesh-sided greenhouses used for cultivation.

All staff at JMCC facilities are closely monitored and meet all JMCC protocols for cultivation.

JMCC is proud of its collection, transportation, and inventory management they have in place. This method ensures that what leaves the farm arrives at the processing facility. The quarantine, the packaging, and the processing are safely, and securely delivered to the warehouse, and then to the customer in perfect and prime condition.

Credit / Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective

The system includes:

• Transportation quality management plans that provide the best transportation methods
JMCC quality command and control of each crop through the J-Trac track-and-trace system
• Product is weighed on-site producing a chain-of-custody seal providing traceable electronic labeling
• Loading docks within the facility are secured, ensuring a chain of custody that is continuous.
• On-site lab testing and certification in quarantine rooms are closely monitored.


JMCC is stringent on pursuing an ambitious standards certificate initiative that will include:

• Good Manufacturing Practice, this being the global rule for pharmaceutical products to ensure they are produced in the highest quality standards available.
• Good Distribution Practice that ensures the provision of proper distribution of medicinal product for humans to use.
• Compliance with the European Medicines Agency to ensure Good Agricultural and Collection practices for the growing and harvesting of cannabis.
• ISO 14001 which provides the requirements for an effective environmental system
• Good Laboratory Practices and ISO 17025 are the international standards for the excellence required in testing processes and lab operations.

JMCC is adamant on the safety of their medical marijuana and thereby provides testing through its labs, and also through the collaboration of CARITOX, the Caribbean Toxicology Laboratory.

During the growth cycle of the cannabis plant, the cultivators are supported to ensure that the crops meet the compliance orders and that ensures that the customers are receiving the best and highest products.

Products are tested by JMCC for the following to ensure the customer receives the highest quality product from the sunny island of Jamaica:

• chemical profile THC, CBD, and Terpenes
• potency
• moisture
• pesticides
• microbial contaminants

Health Canada approves the testing regime that JMCC provides. The requirement is also met for other countries where medical cannabis has been legalized.

The security for JMCC is provided by a former Canadian top law enforcement officer. The facilities are monitored 24 hours by video surveillance, and the secured areas have no windows or exterior doors. The multi-layer security protocol ensures that the possibility of illegal use or theft is sufficiently reduced or eradicated.

Products that JMCC facilities produce include, dried flower and cannabis oils that are extracted, and then formulated to meet the customer's specifications.

All products meet the labeling and packaging of the jurisdictions for where the product is being shipped to. The on-site packaging facilities help to reduce the operational costs companies experience while helping to simplify the traceability and the chain of control for the product.

JMCC states unequivocally that they can provide medical cannabis consumers with their package securely and swiftly through their 26 global locations.

JMCC is proud to be able to offer LP’s in Canada and around the world bulk order delivery. They will also provide the same service to individual patients through a secure shipping system that is specially designed for the high-value goods market.

Chris Simpson, the CEO of Jamaican Medical Cannabis Corporations is proud to be involved in a process where nature meets science, she is satisfied that the company delivers a fully integrated service, that encompasses the full spectrum of the cannabis market from, cultivation, testing, extraction/processing, packaging and distribution for all cannabis players.



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