How Weedpanion improves consumer confidence

Published Apr 26, 2023 01:00 p.m. ET
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As the market for cannabis continues to expand it’s increasingly more difficult for consumers to find the products they need. Add to that a growing awareness surrounding certain aspects of the industry such as organic growing practices, socially responsible methods, and environmentally sound operations, and it’s no wonder so few enthusiasts are able to navigate this world with confidence, and that's where Weedpanion comes in.

This one-of-a-kind app is innovatively designed specifically to help consumers make informed decisions when they shop for cannabis. In this article, we’ll explore some of the many ways Weedpanion works to improve a buyer's confidence, no matter what their experience level or needs may be.

Detailed strain information

One of the biggest challenges’ enthusiasts face is understanding the vast selection of strains that exist today. Weedpanion helps to simplify the process of narrowing down available options by offering detailed strain information for every single cannabis product you can think of right down to the more technical aspects such as genetics, THC/CBD content, and potential effects.

Having this information so openly accessible allows consumers to research each one with ease, so they can feel more confident in their purchases.

Product reviews and ratings

Another great feature of Weedpanion is how it lists information submitted by other consumers like ratings and reviews. By reading feedback from others in the community consumers are able to gain a better sense of what each product may offer before they buy it. Knowing the quality and effectiveness is an integral key to finding the best options which in turn helps buyers to be more educated about the many products and brands that are available on the market.

Personalized recommendations

Weedpanion builds consumer confidence by making it easy for shoppers to find the products they want most. With search filters enthusiasts may browse the market while focusing on certain qualities they prefer like cannabinoid content, package size, and more! By asking themselves a few simple questions shoppers are able to receive a list of the tailored options that are currently available through local dispensaries, increasing the likelihood of finding the best one to meet their unique needs, which helps to eliminate some of the uncertainty so many enthusiasts feel while browsing or trying new products.


Inventory tracker

There’s nothing more frustrating than finding products or strains that work only to discover the store you’ve gone to doesn’t have what you need, and Weedpanion can help with that too! The app features a constantly updated inventory tracker, so all consumers have to do is search for the product by name, click, and scroll down to find a list of dispensaries that currently have it in stock. This helps enthusiasts to feel more confident about their shopping experience before they even leave home.

A list of nearby legal dispensaries

Finally, cannabis lovers can rest a little easier thanks to Weedpanion’s convenient list of legal dispensaries, and it even uses the buyer's location to make suggestions based on distance! This way consumers can be sure they’re visiting and supporting licensed establishments that must meet legal standards. Here shoppers will find products that are guaranteed to be tested for both quality and safety, which can help to eliminate any concerns they may have around unregulated sources.


Buying cannabis can be a confusing and overwhelming experience but Weedpanion is here to change that. By delivering detailed information, personalized recommendations, listings for legal stores, and maintaining live coverage of store inventory this app is helping consumers to build confidence while making better-informed purchasing decisions so that it’s easier to shop and enjoy all of the benefits without so much confusion, uncertainty, and stress.

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