How to pick the best weed strains for Halloween

Published Oct 26, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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We now have less than a month left before the long-awaited holiday is here, and most are rushing to make plans to celebrate. Though in many areas, how we spend the day might look a little bit different than what we’re used to, there will still be plenty to do, and there’s nothing better to pair with Halloween activities than the perfect cannabis strain. The trouble is that most people aren’t sure what that is or how to find it, which is why today we’re bringing you five essential suggestions that might be able to help.

1. Consider your planned Halloween activities

Will you be spending a low-key evening all by yourself at home while attending a virtual Halloween celebration, or have you decided that the time is right for a more intimate gathering with friends? If you are by yourself, then a little pick me up that will keep you focused and attentive might help to set the mood, but if you’ve got friends by your side that are going to keep you awake, then something more euphoric might be best suited to celebrate the night.

If you’re going to have to drive or navigate a space that you aren’t familiar with, then a lighter, less sedating strain is definitely for you, but in a crowd of people you don’t really know, something that will help to perk you up might help you to better and more comfortably socialize. Competitive Halloween activities will require a completely clear head, and in this case, you want weed strains that will help you to focus, so as you can see, this is an incredibly important thing to keep in mind as you pick your poison for the night.

2. Uplifting weed strains

Many cannabis enthusiasts love the fact that the potent THC effects are euphoric, but no matter what you’re doing this Halloween, it’s probably a good idea to use uplifting strains that will help to improve your overall mood and keep you moving while you celebrate the holiday. Of course, you’ll still need a good night's rest if you want to stay on top of your game, but this one choice can significantly influence how good of a time you’ll have, with a gentle natural boost.

3. What’s your tolerance like?

It’s not uncommon, especially during big holidays like Halloween for us to want to let loose, as we wait all year to be able to kick back, relax, and enjoy this spooky occasion, but it’s really important that you keep in mind your tolerance level as you browse through potential weed strains to enjoy while you celebrate. THC content won’t tell you everything that you need to know about a strain, but it can help you to decide on one that’s right for Halloween.


Cannabis users with a low tolerance to the effects of cannabis will typically benefit most from low THC weed strains, as it lowers the possibility of a bad trip exponentially, and though there is no specific range that can guarantee the experience you seek, there are some general guidelines that can help. 5%-15% is great for beginners or low tolerance users, 15%-20% is a nice moderate dose, and most strains 20% or higher are typically recommended for those with a high tolerance, so know your limit, and stay within it.

4. Familiar seasonal aromas

When we think about Halloween, it can bring all kinds of different things to mind, but one that is easy to match to cannabis is the smells. The ever-popular pumpkin is a huge staple for Halloween activities, alongside cinnamon and other delicious spices. That’s exactly why we recommend choosing from weed strains that produce significant amounts of caryophyllene, a spicy common cannabis terpene that smells just like fall.

5. Spooky names

Each and every year, we know this fantastic holiday is coming because we see an influx of spectacular Halloween decorations pop up across neighborhood lawns. There will be giant spiders, ghosts and goblins, skeletons, witches, and pretty much every other creepy thing that you can think of, no matter where you look because this ghoulish time of year is the one time that we get lost in our fears, as gore and blood become temporarily socially acceptable.

Of course, there really aren’t any scary cannabis strains to be worried about, that is unless you have low tolerance, but there are some spooky strain names that seem to be perfectly suited for the holiday. A few amazing examples for inspiration include Zombie OG, Jack Skellington, Killer Grape, Frankenstein, Jack the Ripper, and Ghost Train Haze, and there are even more out there to choose from than this, which makes it easy to celebrate with at least one of them.

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