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Published May 2, 2019 11:31 a.m. ET
Delicious cannabis infused food to help you heal Photo/David Zalubowski 

Cannabis can do some amazing things when smoked but what about a way for those that don’t or can’t smoke or vape? We can enjoy the benefits of the plant in other ways. Here’s just a few of the numerous ways that we can use food as the vehicle for us to reap those benefits.

What are some of the medical benefits from cannabis?

• Chronic pain: studies have proven that the active ingredients in cannabis act on receptors in the brain that are able to help in relieving pain
• Depression and social anxiety: scientific literature suggests that cannabis can relieve symptoms of mental illness.
• Multiple Sclerosis: may improve spasticity and relieve pain
• Epilepsy: CBD approved for treating severe seizures

Patients in the Toronto area have the benefit of a company known for providing the best medical marijuana in Canada. This company is a full spectrum company that can help you find an LP, assist in where to obtain your herb and cook an amazing infused dinner for your enjoyment.  Green Chef has a philosophy based on their love of fresh high-quality food, strong belief and knowledge in cannabis’ healing qualities. The combination of these elements can only bring positive results. The company is steadfast on using quality and safe ingredients that have consistent and accurate medicinal dosage. Green Chef can provide you with some mouthwatering edibles. Here is a sampling of what this company can do for your culinary tastes, medically or recreationally.

Weed Brownies: moist and chocolaty
Weed Cookies: sugar free/gluten free
Green Caesar: delicious infused dressing
Sheppard’s High: heartwarming and belly filling
High Thai Curry Soup: infused spicy vegetarian, chicken or fish

Green Chef consults with each consumer, if you are planning a cannabis infused dinner, the staff will discuss your needs, desired results and tolerance of your guests prior to preparing the food. Strains are discussed, potency of the herb, medical conditions and what food you desire for your menu.  


Education is as important as taste when we talk about edibles. Edibles can be therapeutic and pleasurable. However, if you happen to ingest more than you can tolerate that pleasure can be lost. With education this can be avoided and then anytime you consume an infused edible you’ll have a great time.

For those of us that might like to prepare our own edibles, to help with our personal healing or for recreational use, there is a process to follow. To start the process of using cannabis in our foods we need to look at how we can get the cannabis into our food, thus enabling us to reap the benefits. The compounds that help us heal are CBD and THC. These are the predominant compounds we use in cooking. We need to do some work on the cannabis before we can use it for our cooking needs. This procedure is known as decarboxylation. An important step necessary before we use infuse the herb into our cooking. Use the finished decarboxylated infused butter/oil for any of your culinary endeavors that require oil/butter.

Dosing is an important part of delivery of edibles. For beginners, THC levels should be around 1-5 mg for the initial dosage, evaluate effects and increase dose to 2-5 or 5 mg every 24 hours till you can feel the effects. This dose will be the minimum effective dose for you.

Remember to indulge responsibly and enjoy!



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