Cool weed patches for clothes

Published Jan 25, 2019 05:19 p.m. ET

 Patches are a unique way to design and personalize almost anything made of a soft material. There are both iron-on patches and sew on patches to choose from depending on your level of dedication with some even managing to tastefully bring together other popular symbols in a visually appealing way. Stoners have forever been known for their impressive way of displaying their interests in finding like-minded individuals. Weed patches can be found anywhere. From your local smoke shop to a million different websites online, the options are practically endless. If you are looking for a bit of inspiration in choosing the perfect patch to add to your collection, then you are in the right place. Here are our five personal favorite weed patches for clothes of 2018

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    Cost: $5.86
    These colorful weed patches have a dedication to mushrooms as well with half of it covered in red and blush shrooms, and the other half is decorated with plants, stars, and a moon. The side halves are separated by a rainbow of coloring making it eye-catching even from a distance. With two options available including sew on patches and iron on patches this one is a perfect way to express yourself in a less obvious way than the more traditional pot leaf symbol.
  1. Stoner Press Cafe Patches
    Cost: $5-$10
    The most extensive line of weed patches for clothes was released by Stoner Press Cafe and contains thousands of images dedicated to pleasing stoners around the globe. From clouds and suns to more stereotypical pot leaf designs there is something from this company for everyone. The Stoner Press Cafe also offers both iron-on patches and sew on patches and will ships anywhere within Canada.
  1. Stoner Smiley Pot Leaf
    Cost: $7.99
    eBay has a variety of small-time sellers that have some of the most amazing selection of iron on weed patches for clothes you will ever see. With the most prominent being several from the Mr. Smiley Face line sporting various smiley emojis with different faces and pot leaves for eyes. If you are looking for a funny addition to your iron on patches collection than this one is perfect for you. Unfortunately, they are not offered in a sew-on style yet but will be by February 2019.
  1. Sweet Leaf Marijuana Patch
    Cost: $3.99
    These iron-on patches come in several different color variations, but all feature a big bright cannabis leaf in the middle of a bright swirling rainbow of colors. These weed patches for clothes measure 3x3 inches and are appliedwith ease, making them perfect for backpacks, coats, sweaters, vests, hats, and more. Sporting a 3D look these weed patches are both high quality and visually appealing. If you want something flashy and perhaps pride related, then these weed patches might just be the ones you are looking for.
  1. Stoner Campfire Merit Patch
    Cost: $7.70
    Think you have earned the stoner campfire merit patch? Featuring two fat rolled and crossed joints underneath a roaring campfire in place of logs. This premium sew-on patch has a diameter of three inches and can also come with the option of iron-onadhesive backing. Designed and sold by The Parlour who carry a wide selection of weed patches for clothes and will ship free to anywhere in Canada.

Prices posted are subject to change and may be in either Canadian or American currency. Be sure to double check your total before placing an order, so there aren’t any surprise charges or conversion rates.

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