Check out these top 6 pre-roll joints that are available right now in Canada

Published Jun 30, 2019 09:23 a.m. ET
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It takes a lot of patience for some people to learn how to roll a good joint, and even more to master the art enough to roll the perfect joint. Though almost anyone can learn how if they want to, some with mobility issues might not have that opportunity. Those of us who are living more fast-paced lifestyles might not have the time to roll a good joint, and so for everyone who enjoys smoking marijuana, but hates the bother and skill necessary to successfully twist one up yourself here are six amazing pre-roll joints that are now available in Canada.

1. Green Supreme Premium

Cost: $45 per pack of five

Green Supreme premium pre-rolls are made by Boveda and filled with high quality craft grower cannabis which is rolled with RAW organic hemp papers to offer the cleanest, tastiest, and most potent experience possible. Each one contains 0.87g of marijuana, are sold in packs of five, which hold 4 grams, and come in a variety of options for any mood including hybrid, Sativa, and Indica. One of the most unique features about this pre-roll is in the packaging, which is a heavy-duty cylinder container that houses each joint separately. This helps to make them convenient for those who are on the go, as it keeps them packed away safely while maintaining freshness until you’re ready to smoke.

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2. Maui Wowie

Cost: $35 per pack of five

The BC Craft Cannabis co. is responsible for the release of this unique pre-roll, which holds 0.5 grams of cannabis that ranges anywhere from 20%-28% THC derived from the Sativa dominant strain. Its taste and aromas will remind you of a tropical paradise, so it is no surprise this strain’s origin stems from the island of Hawaii. If you are a full time smoker, then there is the option of 1 gram joints as well, and this companies big draw of public attention stems from its environmentally friendly packaging which is biodegradable, so you can help to save the earth while enjoying a powerful high when you choose this pre-roll.

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3. The Moonrock

Cost: $20 each

These pre-rolls offer the widest flavor selection that we have ever seen including Pina Colada, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, original, peaches and cream, green apple, pineapple express, grapefruit, pumpkin spice, watermelon, and caramel. No matter which one you choose, the rolls will come filled with moonrock grind which is OG bud that has been generously doused in honey oil before being rolled in a fine kief. Though they are one of the more expensive for those who can’t roll a good joint, they do provide one of the most potent experiences a pre-roll could offer.

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4. Frosted Cherry Cookies


Cost: $10 for two joints

Most pre-rolls advertise a specific strain, but Stashbox is one of the few companies who quality tests their products and makes that information available to the public. The frosted cherry cookies option is one of the most sold and contains pungent trichome packed Girl Scout Cookies cannabis that is never mixed in any way with other strains. The effects are a delicate balance of cerebral high and euphoria, and the flavors of sweet, mint, and cherry are an incredible combination that is sure to please the senses for both new and experienced consumers.

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5. Tweed Bakerstreet

Cost: $13.03-$15

Tweed is one of the most popular cannabis companies in Canada, and their products most represent at least one of the many reasons why. These pre-rolls each contain 1gram of dry, dense bud from the Bakerstreet marijuana strain that is grown by Canopy Growth. A local licensed cannabis producer who has won awards for both quality and potency over the years. This Indica pre-roll is packed with freshly milled buds and includes a hearty dose of 25% THC that is effective for improving both pain and mood levels.

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6. Supremium Indica

Cost: $120.50 for two joints

These Nuken filled pre-rolls are rolled with organic, unbleached, and unrefined rolling papers, and each one holds 0.5 grams of dry herb. The packs of two come in a tube that is completely waterproof, smell proof, child resistant, and heavy duty, which helps to avoid breakage during transit, and accidental ejection into underage hands. Though there are several strains to choose from, this is the best rated for taste, aroma, potency, and durability by folks with a more active lifestyle.

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