Cannamerx the cannabis trading and auctioning platform of the future

Published May 1, 2019 09:08 a.m. ET

In a brand-new world of evolving marijuana laws include the legalization of cannabis and hemp for both medicinal and recreational use, a need that simply did not exist before has risen to produce significant amounts of cannabis products and plants. Since most  licensed producers are not located anywhere near customer bases they are supplying marijuana accessories and products for. It makes sense that an international auction platform would be welcomed by those in the industry. Cannamerx from Ottawa Canada has answered that call with a solution that has taken the internet by storm.

Cannamerx is a relatively new player in the cannabis industry with a unique marketing tactic that is making waves and gathering customers in droves for both short term and long-term contracts for the wholesale of all cannabis and hemp products from the dry plant products to clothing, oils, and edibles. If you want to either buy or sell marijuana in large quantities with the least amount of hassle, then Cannabis Trading 2.0 might be just the service you’ve been looking for.

Cannamerx 2.0

A unique part of the service Cannamerx has to offer is the complete removal of all the stress and hassle of moving anything that is hemp or cannabis-based. A fully automated system allows for a user-friendly and straightforward transaction from the comfort of your living room or office. You can choose to buy or sell immediately or browse through the online auctions to see the best deals on the cannabis products that you need for all your business needs. The flexibility of this program lies in is its most significant selling point, some of the lowest fees of any other competitors on the market today.


Perks of choosing Cannamerx

An automated system comes with various benefits on its own from an instantly generated online market to the ability to shop with security and confidence with minimal risk. Cannamerx understands the struggles of smaller cannabis products dispensaries and producers and will work to find the cheapest solution that meets any level of need. Below you will find a list of the online auction platform fees and promises that have made Cannamerx the number one recommended business solutions tool since its inception in October of 2018 when cannabis first became legal in Canada.

  • $0 sign up and browsing capabilities. It costs absolutely nothing to advertise or browse with Cannamerx unless you make money yourself.
  • 1.5% fee on your first $10 000 profit.
  • 1.25% charge on the next $40 000 profit.
  • 1% fee on the next $50 000 profit.
  • 0.75% charge for each extra dollar on a weekly total.
  • 1.2% commission available on international market transactions and reserve bid proposals.

If you are looking to buy either hemp or marijuana products online, there is genuinely no safer or more cost-efficient way then signing up with Cannamerx. Bid freely anytime day or night, and never again pay a single fee or commission until your company is well on its way to success. If you are wondering where to find out more or how to sign up with the Cannamerx platform check out the future cannabis sales leader to take advantage of the benefits a simplified process has to offer.



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