Cannabis strains to help you achieve more

Published Mar 27, 2019 12:27 p.m. ET

Pot lovers can rejoice knowing there are options that they likely weren’t even aware of in the form of sweet green bud that can help you to achieve many of your goals. Whether you are plagued with anxiety, pain, a little extra weight, or lack of motivation this list may be just what you needed to start off a successful year on the right foot.

1. Weed strains to help you lose weight

While marijuana may be widely known as the plant that gives you the munchies and makes you lazy, many do not realize that there are some options out there for weed strains to help you lose weight. They can do so because they aid the human body in providing the most beneficial environment


Lack of quality sleep is one of the most significant contributors to an individual's ability to lose weight. Lack of decent rest can disrupt the body’s natural hormone producing system which can trick it into creating more Ghrelin which is the hormone that induces appetite, and less Leptin which is a hormone that can repress it. Cannabis can improve your overall quality of sleep which in turn will provide you with the ideal hormonal output for losing weight.

Lack of exercise

Society today spends most of their time either sitting at a desk or on a couch at home. Technology itself has become a bane to human existence due to its mind-numbing and time-wasting abilities. Finding the right cannabis strain can provide an energetic and uplifting feel to help get you motivated and moving.

Medication replacement or assistant

One of the most significant contributing factors to obesity is something that most people take without even realizing there could be adverse consequences and that is prescribed medications. Marijuana contains hundreds of cannabinoids, but the two most beneficial to an individual's health and weight are CBD and THC. THC has properties that can effectively dull pain ant CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. Many people have experienced a dramatic difference in overall weight gain after slowly either replacing their medications or lowering their doses by finding an effective level of THC or CBD to suit their needs.

State of mind

Another important contributing factor to a person's risk for obesity is their psychological state of mind. Depression and anxiety can both hinder a person’s ability to get active and fit. While marijuana can sometimes produce anxiety in individuals who are already experiencing some form of it, certain strains can be helpful in improving and stabilizing an individual's mood.


Best weed strains to help you lose weight

Durban Poison, Blue Dream, Grapefruit, Northern Lights and Cherry Pie. Each one has unique calming effects while also providing an uplifting, energetic feeling to help you power through and recover from a workout.

2. Strains to help productivity

A person’s productivity levels can be affected by several things including insomnia, anxiety, depression, and other feelings that can impede a workload like a writer’s block or the inability to think clearly or safely perform tasks. For them, something as simple as a regular day of work or a weekly Sunday house cleaning can be overwhelming. If amping up your productivity is one of your resolutions this year than you will want to check out these six cannabis strains that can help to clear your mind while boosting your confidence.

Best weed strains to help productivity

Allen Wrench, Chemdawg, Jack Herer, Durban Poison, Dutch Treat, and Cinex. All of which are either Sativa or Sativa dominant hybrids that are known for their ability to boost productivity.

3. Strains to help stress

People have been self-medicating with marijuana and THC infused products for thousands of years to relieve stress caused by things like jobs, family life, anxiety, and more. Cannabis has long been considered a useful tool for winding down at the end of a hard day, but what many don’t realize is that the strain you choose can improve how well it works. If you are looking for strains that will help ease your stress levels for the coming new year than consider trying one of these five most effective strains to help stress.

Best weed strains to relieve stress

Royal Cookies, White Widow, OG Kush, Royal Jack and Sour Diesel. All of which are Indica or Indica dominant hybrids known for their ability to soothe and relax.



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