Cannabis strains paired with different movie genres

Published Jun 15, 2019 12:35 p.m. ET
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Movies and marijuana are a good combination like movies and popcorn. No doubt, cannabis strains may enhance the viewing of a movie depending on the type of movie.

Cannabis strains can intensify the emotions of a film aroused in an individual. Cannabis edibles, a marijuana vape, or any other method of smoking cannabis can complement your movie watching experience. Some strains may be better for a certain genre such as comedy while others may not be effective.

Marijuana strains for comedy movies
Genres such as comedy require a strain that makes you happy. Many people who smoke Double Diesel says that it makes them feel happy as well as focused. This strain is appropriate for watching comedies such as Chris Farley's movies or Cheech and Chong’s movies. The cannabis strains Blue Dieseland Maui are great paired with comedy movies. However, Mauicauses excess laughter, and you may not be able to watch the movie at all.

Strains for horror movies

Additionally, some strains are more suitable for horror movies. Not everyone can watch horror. Horror films may cause you to be nervous, anxious, and even vomit. A horror and cannabis fan, then you may want to use strains such as Cindy 99 or White Widow.GG4 is another type of strain that may rise your level of expectancy while watching the horror film. OG LA Affie is an indica strain that is sweet, and energy filled. It can allow a person to maintain his or her composure throughout the horror movie. You can also invite friends over at your home to watch horror films with you. This will make the experience more memorable.

Strains for action
The best strains for action would be both a mixture of happiness and energy. Action movies make you anxious, especially to see the outcome of the plot. The Blue Dream strain is quite suitable for watching movies like John Wick or even fast and furious movies. As the climax heightens, the strain would make you happy and anxious.


Strains for superhero movies
Is your favorite movie, Wonder Woman or Black Panther? Maui Wowi and Sour Diesel are also good strains to use. They will provide you with more energy to have a worthwhile viewing experience of your favorite action movie. These strains may cause your body to be dehydrated and eyes to be dry. Be sure to keep hydrated.

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Strains for documentaries
Documentaries can be long and sometimes tired some. Therefore, you can use strains that give you more energy and allows you to focus on every detail from the documentary. Green Crack and Durban Poison are two strains that can do just that. Also, sativa strain can elevate your senses, and so is best paired with documentaries.

Strains for adventure movies

Furthermore, other genres work well with cannabis, as well. Smoking marijuana can make you get high. This psychoactive effect is found in some strains such as Super Silver Haze and Headband,which can be used while watching adventurous films. Skunk allows you to feel relaxed and energized when watching romantic films.

Finally, your personal preference for strain pairing is always recommended if you choose to improve your experience when viewing films.



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